Super New Year Cart 15-in-1, part 4.

Hello everyone! I finally got my CRT TV setup partially reinstalled, enough to do light gun stuff, which means I can finally finish writing about Super New Year Cart 15 in 1.


Yes, finally. This is (probably) the last post about this cartridge.

Anyway, the first thing I’m covering is the incomplete lightgun support in The Duck / The Egg.


If you use the lightgun on the title screen, it will start up the game. But the palettes are all messed up.


…yup. Pretty buggy. You can also shoot the ducks. It is very incomplete though, and is apparently broken. You can shoot ducks when you are pointing the gun away from the TV. And you can also miss the ducks when the gun is pointed straight at them.

So yeah. Very buggy.

Next off, there is a debug mode in Titenic. You just press buttons on the second controller and weird stuff happens.

For example, you can use the player 2 D-pad to control the water level. And sometimes you can press A twice in a row to create a second playable character. You control both of them at the same time.


Also, you can skip straight to the credits, and you can crash the game. I haven’t tried out the debug stuff very much, but it is very glitchy.

So, yeah. Now I’m going to write about the next games on this multicart I haven’t written about yet.

Next up are Beachhead, Jungle War, and Adventure. But these are all just Pink Jelly hacked to start on a different level later in the game.

And then there’s a game I haven’t written about yet: Rings.

Wait a second… “rings” isn’t listed anywhere on this menu.


No, it’s not. But “Gorge” is just an alternate name for Rings. In fact, there’s some uncompiled source code in this multicart that refers to “Gorge” as “Rings.” Anyway, what is Rings? Let’s find out.


Hm! A character select. you can pick either Frodo, Legolas, Gandalf and Arwen as your playable character. This game is based off of The Lord of the Rings.

Let’s pick Frodo, because he’s the main character. Let’s see…


…this is exactly the same as Pink Jelly. Yup. It’s just Pink Jelly plus a character select.

Actually, Pink Jelly is Rings without a character select. People have done some hacking in Pink Jelly and found some remains of the level select.

Well, that basically covers it for Super New Year Cart 15 in 1.

Oh wait, there’s Peace Sea, The Bridge, and Green Evil to write about. They’re not much, they’re just Rings hacked to start on different levels.

By the way, the heights of the characters are completely inaccurate to both the book and the movie versions of The Lord of the Rings. In this game, all the characters are 103 cm tall.

OK, that will conclude this blog post, so bye guys I guess.


Family Kid

Hi guys, about a month ago I purchased this game, and today it came in the mail:


Yup! That’s the game I got. Family Kid. It’s a hack of Somari. It was hacked by a company called Family TSI. They also published some famiclones. Anyway, Family Kid is a hack of Somari, that replaces Somari with Family TSI’s mascot Family Kid.

Here’s the Family TSI logo, which you get when you boot up Family Kid.

(note: these pictures were taken on an emulator. I would take them on an actual console, but I had already uploaded these pictures in a previous post before I got my cartridge, so I figure I’d rather reuse those than take new pictures and waste space on the limited-space WordPress database.)

2-in-1 - Family Kid & Aladdin 4 (Ch) [!] 2015-11-14 10.52.52


Then there’s the title screen.

2-in-1 - Family Kid & Aladdin 4 (Ch) [!] 2015-11-14 10.53.12


And here’s some gameplay.

2-in-1 - Family Kid & Aladdin 4 (Ch) [!] 2015-11-14 10.53.32


For some reason, when Family Kid is standing still, part of his sprite is missing. I’m not sure why, but it’s probably some sort of glitch.

Anyway, that’s basically it for the game part of it. For more about Somari, search my blog for my posts on it a while back if you haven’t read them yet.

But there’s some more I want to say about this cartridge. Take a closer look at this label:
FullSizeRender copy

…that’s not an actual hole in the label. They printed out a label that looks like it has a hole in it.

And plus, this label is really blurry. I think I know why.

This cartridge is not an original printing. My cartridge is a very new rerelease by a company that’s not Family TSI. For the label, I think they looked on the internet, found a picture of some guy’s damaged cartridge, and put it on as the label.

That’s pretty funny, in my opinion.

That’s basically it though. Thanks for reading this! Bye. I’ll write some more about bootleg Famicom games later. I have some more games I bought that I’ll write about soon.


Super New Year Cart 15-in-1, part 3.

Hello, everybody!

Today I have a third blog post for you guys to read about the bootleg ABAB Soft/Hummer Team 15-in-1 multicart!



First off, I want to correct a mistake I made when I was writing about Titenic. Remember, it was that bootleg video game based off the Titanic movie.

Well, anyway, I’ve been playing that game recently, and a couple of days ago I beat it. And I noticed a mistake in my previous blog post.

I had said that if you select the game Hacker on the menu, you play as Jack and then switch to playing as Rose in the later levels. I also said that if you pick Heroine on the menu, you start on the later levels with Rose and then switch to the earlier levels with Jack.

Well, actually I made a mistake. If you select Heroine on the menu, then you play as Rose, like I said. But don’t switch to Jack after you’re done, it takes you to the end of the game.

Well, since I’ve beaten the game, I can show you what the end of the game looks like:


Cool! Credits!

By the way, I was also playing The Legend, and I beat it on the lowest difficulty mode. I forgot to take a picture for you guys, but it’s not really that exciting. It just says “good job now try again normal mode” or something like that. I’m pretty sure it only shows you the real ending if you beat it on hard mode.

But whatever, let’s get to actually writing about the games on this multicart I haven’t written about yet.

The next one on here is The Duck, so let’s try it out.


Well, there’s some music playing on the title screen. Let’s press start.


There’s ducks flying around the screen. Similarly to Duck Hunt. Yup, this is a clone of Duck Hunt, but it’s different in several ways.

First off, you don’t use a light gun. At least, not without some glitching. I’ve read that this game has incomplete light gun support, but I haven’t tried it out yet. Mainly because my CRT tv isn’t hooked up at the moment, and modern TVs will not work with light guns.

Anyway, you shoot the ducks by moving a cursor around with the D-pad, and pressing A or B to shoot. The round is over when you shoot enough ducks. Then it says that you’ve completed the round and it takes you to the next round, which is the same except you have to shoot more ducks. You get 100 points whenever you shoot a duck.

It doesn’t seem like there is any way to get a game over on this game. I just sat doing nothing for a few minutes and nothing happened. The ducks just kept flying around the screen.

Well, anyway, the next game on the multicart is The Egg. Let’s try it out. I hope this is different than NiceCode’s Egg Contest game.


And indeed it is. It’s a simple hack of The Duck. Or, more likely in my opinion, The Duck is a hack of The Egg. Let’s play it and find out why.

It’s the same, except now the ducks will lay eggs if you don’t shoot them quickly. Every time an egg hits the ground, you lose 50 points.


If your points become negative numbers, it’s game over. Other than that, it’s identical to The Duck. It’s still really easy.


Well, most of the rest of the games on this multicart are repeats. Mostly of Pink Jelly, except they start on different levels. There’s still one more game left though on this cartridge, and that’s Gorge, aka Rings. Then there are some repeats of that that start on different levels. I’m not writing about it right now though. Why? Because I want to do another post about this 15-in-1. I’ll make that post later, after I have my CRT tv set up again and I can try out the incomplete light gun support in The Duck/The Egg.

That’s it for now. Bye guys.

The Power Joy Navigator, Part 2

Hello, everyone. Some of you probably remember when I wrote about the Power Joy Navigator, AKA this thing:


Yup. That’s the one. The plug ‘n play famiclone that’s shaped like a big Atari controller with extra buttons.

Well, the main purpose of this post is to cover more of the games on this thing’s included multicart.


But before I do that, I am going to cover a couple other things about this famiclone.

First off, in the last post I did about this famiclone, I said that the joystick makes it difficult to play most games. Well, I’ve played with it some more, and I’ve changed my opinion. The only thing that’s actually hard to do with it is navigate the multicart menu. Other than that, everything is totally fine…

…except for this new problem I’ve learned about. During the time I had played with this famiclone before my last post, I had only briefly used the Navigator with cartridges other than its included multicart. Well, after I made that post, I was playing Super Mario Bros. 3 on it for a while, since my usual famiclone had been temporarily disconnected from the TV to plug in the Power Joy Navigator. The problem is that the game crashed a lot. And I wasn’t really able to get past the first level in the time I was trying to.

I think the reason for this is that that the cartridge goes in on the side of the system. That means the cartridge wobbles around a lot, and can easily get disconnected from the famiclone. This isn’t a problem from the extra short multicart that’s included, since it’s smaller and can’t move around as much. That’s not the case with official cartridges, which are significantly bigger.


And some cartridges are even bigger. I haven’t checked, but I bet this cartridge would crash way more.


Yeah. That’s fine though, because I prefer to use a different famiclone most of the time. Except for the included multicart, which I haven’t been able to use on any other famiclone I tried.

The next thing I noticed is that the system has another set of A and B buttons. They are on top of the joystick, and that way you can play NES games with one hand. I suppose you could use your spare hand to hold the system steady while you play it. I don’t use these as much, since I prefer the other buttons, but at least now I know it’s there.

Now that’s basically about it. Let’s get to covering more games that are included on this famiclone.


All righty, it looks like the next game on the list is Space Shuttle. Let’s try it.


Oh no, apparently it’s actually Space Shuttle Exploration. This is a vertical shooter set in outer space. It doesn’t look like you’re exploring a space shuttle, though. Huh. This game was developed by Hummer Team, similarly to several of the other games I’ve covered on this multicart so far.


Basically, aliens just keep coming down from the top of the screen, and then go down the bottom of the screen. The goal of the game is to shoot them down and avoid them ramming into you.

The round just keeps going on until you’ve shot enough aliens, and then after that it tallies up your points. If you lose all your lives, it’s game over.

There are only two music tracks in Space Shuttle Exploration. The first music is a short jingle that plays on the title screen. The other music track is the game over theme, which is really just a modified version of the character select music from Tekken 2, Hummer Team’s bootleg port of Tekken to the Famicom. I actually wrote about that game yesterday, and you can read about it here.

Well, yeah. That’s basically it for this game. The next game I’ll write about on this multicart is called Alienis.

It’s a very advanced hack of the Famicom game Battle City. It adds vertical scrolling. Really neat! The funny thing is, I have like around 10 different hacks of Battle City and I don’t have a copy of unhacked Battle City. The hacks are fun. Maybe I’ll get an original copy sometime.


…and it’s 9:39 PM so I need to go to bed. I’ll write more about these games some other time and give more pictures, like the title screen of Alienis, in my next blog post about the Power Joy Navigator. I know I haven’t written much but whatever, at least you get to read about it sooner than if I didn’t publish it immediately and made it a bigger post some other day.

Bye guys! I’ll write more after.


Hummer Team’s Tekken 2

Hello, everybody! I’ve got a new game to write about on my blog. I’ve had it for a few weeks now. As you can probably guess from the title of this blog post, that game I refer to is Tekken 2.


This is a bootleg port of the PlayStation fighting game Tekken to the Famicom. No, it’s not a port of Tekken 2, it’s a port of Tekken 1. I guess they just called it Tekken 2 to make some extra money off of it.

This port was developed by Hummer Team and released in September of 1996. Hummer Team was also the developer of several other Famicom pirate originals such as Somari, Panda Adventure, War, War of Strike Mouse, Titenic, Dragon Running, Street Fighter IV, etc.

Well, let’s put it in a Famicom and play it.


Neat! And the first thing everybody does when they have a new fighting game is they press up-right-up-right-right-right-up-left on the title screen, so let’s get that out of the way. If you do that, you will get this.


That 3-eyed sun/sea urchin is the logo of the JY Company. The JY Company was a bootleg game publisher that published bootleg games, as is the usual for a bootleg game publisher. They published some of Hummer Team’s games, as well as some other pirate originals and some multicarts and some bootleg copies of official games. As you can see, the cartridge’s ID code is JY-092, a reference to the publisher’s name.

If you activate the JY company logo, the game will basically soft lock there and you will have to hit reset if you want to actually play the game.

Well, OK. If you wait for a while on the title screen, it plays a cutscene, which is the intro from Tekken. Pretty neat. Then it goes to a demo mode, which I am not going to show to you because I want to show you the gameplay myself. I’ll show you a picture of the cutscene though.


The cutscene is animated really well, too.

All right! Let’s actually press start on the title screen this time.


Ooh! A character select! With big character portraits! Cool! Plus there’s some music playing in the background that was later reused in Hummer Team’s game Dragon Running. The menu includes all the characters from the original Tekken.

When you pick your character, some music plays, and then the fight starts. The gameplay is more similar to Street Fighter II more than to Tekken. (At least, that’s what I’ve heard. I’ve never played any of the Tekken games. I’ve played Street Fighter II though.) The reason for this is because it is based off of the game engine of a bootleg port of Street Fighter II, also made by Hummer Team. This is the case with most of their fighting games.


Tekken had actual 3D rendered backgrounds, but the Famicom/NES can not do that kind of thing. So to compensate, Hummer Team used multi-layered scrolling in the backgrounds.

Speaking of background, there’s a sign in the back of some of them that says “Hummer” on it. This is a reference to the fact that the developer of this port is Hummer Team.


After you win a match, then it plays that same music reused in Dragon Running. Plus it has your character’s victory pose. (:


The game also has a 2-player vs. mode, which is listed separately on the menu. This is unusual for a Hummer Team fighting game. Usually Hummer Team lets you access 2-player mode in some other way.

Well, that’s basically it. I hope you liked this blog post.

The Power Joy KS-2523B.

Hello everybody! You know how I said that Power Joys were still being produced? Well now I can prove it.

A long time ago, I bought an ED64+ flash cartridge for the Nintendo 64. Well, a couple months ago I noticed a URL in the thing’s manual to the distributor’s web page.

So I went and checked it out, and apparently the Hong Kong based distributor, Success HK, distributes a lot of old video game accessories, as well as some knockoffs of old games. They also sell some famiclones, including the Power Joy KS-2523B.

Hm! Sounds cool! Here were the pictures that they had to show what it was:

That doesn’t give basically any information. The description says: “Buildin 23 Games.” Yup. That’s the entire description on Success HK’s website. They also have a link to this picture, listing all of the games:


Huh. Looks like all generic standard games to see on a famiclone, except for “Anger Bird 3”, which might be NiceCode’s port of Angry Birds, or maybe some stupid hack.

So far, doesn’t seem like I should get it. But wait! They are actually selling this plug and play for just $5.82. Plus shipping. And if you select the cheapest shipping option, you only have to pay a couple bucks shipping.

Now, this was before I had that Game Prince RS-1 famiclone with the Angry Birds port on it. So I figured, hey it’s really really cheap, and maybe I’ll get a new famiclone game. Worth a try. So I bought it.

Now it’s two months later, and this showed up in the mail, really beat up from being in ground mail for two months:


Here’s the other sides of the box.




Oh, look at that. There’s a message that says “specifications, colours, and contents may vary from illustrations”. And yes, they do vary from the illustrations. A WHOLE FREAKING LOT.

Pretty much none of those games in the pictures are actually on the plug and play. And those pictures of the system are of a white version of this system, not black, like it actually is. Who knows, maybe there is a white version. But that D-Pad in the pictures is a different style than the one that’s actually on this system.

But that’s not the only stupid thing on the box. It says “Requires 3 x AAA batteries (not included)”. But no. That’s a lie. It only needs two AAA batteries.

And we’re not done yet! There’s a spot where it says “2015. No batteries needed. No adapter needed.” That’s a lie. This thing runs exclusively on batteries.

There’s more! One part of the box says “999,000 in 1”, while another part says “Built-in 90 games”, while the distributor’s website says “Buildin 23 Games.” What the heck.

I am sick of just reading all these lies. I’m going to plug it into my TV and turn it on.

No, first I’ll point out that it says “Power Joy” on there multiple times, and it has a power joy logo. This is actually a recent model of the Power Joy famiclone.

Ok, NOW I will hook it up and see what’s on it.

Oh wait, it’s still in the box. I guess I’ll take it out and have a look at it.


The reset button’s in the middle. The D-pad’s on the left. The buttons are on the right. It has autofire.

The start and select buttons are under the red reset button.

The on switch is EXTREMELY tiny.


OK, now I will actually plug it in and see what’s on it.


It says “8B2981” at the bottom. That’s were because the ID on the box is “KS-2523B”. But I think by now we’ve learned not to trust the box.


Oh, and the top of the screen says “998,800 in 1.” What??? Now we have four possible numbers for the game count on this multicart:

  1. 999,000 (from the box)
  2. 90 (also from the box)
  3. 23 (from the manufacturer’s website)
  4. 998,800 (from the menu)

Let’s see how high it actually goes.


Looks like the menu wins here.

But whatever. Moving on. The menu has some (probably stolen) music playing in the background. Here’s a list of the included games:

  1. International Cricket
  2. Contra II
  3. Bases Loaded 4
  4. World Cup Soccer
  5. Angry Birds (NiceCode port. Listed on the menu as Anger Bird 3)
  6. Double Dragon 2
  7. Super Mario Bros. (removed title screen)
  8. Adventure Island (Japanese version)
  9. Dino Riki
  10. City Connection
  11. Tetris (Tengen)
  12. F1 Race
  13. Road Fighter
  14. Excitebike
  15. Zippy Race
  16. Yie Ar Kung Fu
  17. Lode Runner
  18. Pac-Man
  19. Tank A 1990
  20. Antarctic Adventure
  21. Balloon Fight
  22. Pooyan
  23. Popeye

Then it starts repeating. Hm… I guess the distributor’s website was actually more accurate. Other than NiceCode’s Angry Birds, it’s pretty generic stuff. But I’ll say that for $8, it was worth it.

But there’s something else on the menu. I didn’t list it as number 24 because it’s not really a game. If you go to the very end of the menu, there’s something listed on the menu as 8 Bit Test.

It’s just a diagnostics program for the NES that tests out all the sound channels and stuff. There’s also a list of all the buttons on the controller, and it lights up when you press any button.


Huh. That’s kinda weird.

Well, that’s it for this plug and play. Bye guys! I’ll write more later.

200-in-1 T.V. Game Cartridge

Hello everyone! I recently got this neat 200-in-1 multicart. Here it is:


Well, the first thing you’ll notice about it is that it’s way bigger than a standard Famicom cartridge.


I also happen to have a really small Famiclone cartridge, Power Joy Navigator 50 Games, which just for fun here is a comparison picture:


The label for this game has artwork for a lot of games. Some of the ones I can recognize include Contra, Life Force, Tetris, Wild Gunman, Duck Hunt, and Super Mario Bros. There are some more game artworks on here, but I can’t recognize them.

By the way, let’s zoom in on that Tetris artwork…

tetris art

What the… somebody was not playing Tetris correctly.

Let’s look at the rest of the cartridge. It has “T.V. GAME CARTRIDGE” engraved into the cartridge on the top of the front. Also, it appears to have originally had a top label, but mine is pretty beat up and I can’t read what it said.


There’s a little sticker on the side saying “EK TK” and then something in Chinese that I can’t read.


Then on the back, there’s a list of all the games. It’s in Chinese though, so I can’t read it. It also says “HOME GAME COMPUTER” underneath the sticker.


Well, that’s it for what the cartridge looks like. Let’s put it in a Famicom and see what is on it.


Hm! A menu. The first game on the list is Contra. And yeah, it’s contra. Albeit with the copyright removed.

Next is Life Force. Also without copyrights. Then there is Rush ‘N Attack, again with no copyrights. Then you have Jakal, Ninja Kun, and Binary Land without the copyrights. Sao far so standard. Then we get to “Mario” on the menu, and something really weird happens.

When you boot it up, you get the “World 1-1” screen from Super Mario Bros. Weird, huh?


Then this happens:


But you can’t move Mario! Weird, huh? There are two things that can happen from here.

If you wait for a while, then Mario starts moving on his own, doing the usual demo mode from Super Mario Bros. After the demo is over (or you skip to the end by hitting start) then this happens:


The Super Mario Bros. title screen except without the title screen. Huh. From here, it’s exactly the same as normal Super Mario Bros., except, you know, minus the title screen.

But what about the second thing that can happen? What’s that? Well, if you press start back before the demo mode starts, then this happens:


And then you start the first level, actually playable.

Well, that’s pretty weird. Let’s move on the the next game on the multicart list, Duck 1PS.


Well, it says Duck Hunt. But what happened to the three modes of play? Now it just says “push start.” Whatever, what happens if we do?

Nothing much. It’s just Duck Hunt always stuck on 1-duck mode. Huh. Well, moving on. The next game is Tank 1A, which after you start it up, has a title screen of “Tank 1A 1991”


It’s a hack of battle city. It looks pretty familiar. Here’s why. There are a lot of other Battle City hacks made by Yanshan Software that have similar names. I don’t know if this was made by Yanshan Software too.

Some of Yanshan Software’s other hacks include “Tank A 1990”, “Tank B 1990”, “Tank C 1990”, “Tank D 1990”, and “Tank E 1990”. I suspect that this “Tank 1A 1991” was also made by Yanshan Software.

I don’t know for sure though. Moving on. The next game on this multicart is Ant Adventure on the menu. It’s actually a Famicom game called Antarctic Adventure where you play as a penguin. The copyright appears to be removed.

Next, there’s “Ice Climber 2”, which is actually Ice Climbers. Then, the next game is Ninja 2, which is just Ninja Kun hacked to start on level 2. Then there’s Binary Land 3, which is actually just Binary Land hacked to start on level 3.

Then we have Tank 2A. It’s hacked version of that other Battle City hack. I’m pretty sure it just starts on a different level.

Interesting. Then we have “B-Wings CON” which is actually just B-Wings. Then there’s Mario 2, which instead of actually being Mario 2, is Super Mario Bros. hacked to start on world 2. And yes, it still has that glitchy title screen.

Next off is “Asuit Contra”, which is Contra except you always have the machine gun. Kinda cheating.

Then there’s Rush ‘N Attack 2, which is really Rush ‘N Attack hacked to start on level 2. Then there’s Duck 2PS, which is Duck Hunt always on 2-duck mode. Then there’s Ice Climber 3, which is actually Ice Climber hacked to start on level 3.

Next there is “Asuit Contra MAY”. What?? Well, this is Contra, except you always have the machine gun, and you always have the 30 lives cheat on at default.

Next is Dig Dug 3. It’s Dig Dug where you start on level 3. I hope there is a Dig Dug 1 somewhere on this multicart, so I can play it starting at the beginning. Next is Circus Charlie, hacked to start on Level 2. Next is Nuts and Milk, unhacked. Then there’s Clu Clu Land 2, which is Clu Clu Land hacked to start on level 2—


Here’s a complete list of every game on this multicart. (Also, they did have a version of Dig Dug that starts on level 1. :D)

Sometimes it’s hard to find what you want though, because between everything is a bunch of boring level hacks, so you have to keep your eye out for what you want.

  • Contra
  • Life Force
  • Rush ‘N Attack
  • Jackal
  • Ninja Kun
  • Binary Land
  • Super Mario Bros.
  • Duck Hunt
  • Tank 1A 1991
  • Antarctic Adventure
  • Ice Climber
  • Tank 2A 1991
  • B-Wings
  • Dig Dug
  • Circus Charlie
  • Nuts & Milk
  • Clu Clu Land
  • Tank 2B 1991
  • Mappy (the best game ever)
  • Bomberman
  • Ballon Fight
  • Wild Gunman
  • Combat
  • Tengen’s Tetris (Title screen replaced with ASCII text)

This multicart actually has something really stupid. There are a couple repeats of the battle city hacks, and guess what they are called in the menu? “Warpman”, “Donkey Kong D”, and “Donkey Kong Jr.” What the heck!?!?!? Why do they have to try to rip people off by doing this!!?!?

Still though, if you add up all the real games on the multicart, that’s 24 actual games on this multicart. That’s actually a lot better than I expected!

Well, that’s it for now, guys. Bye!!

P.S. All of these games have the copyrights removed. There are also some other hacks of the games, like giving you different power-ups in Contra, plus everything has a hack that starts on the wrong level. (Except for Contra. They don’t have those for Contra). Plus there are repeats.

P.P.S. You may notice I didn’t have very many pictures here. The reason for that is because you can only store a limited number of pictures on WordPress before you have to start paying for it. For all of the games that you can easily find pictures of on the internet, I have not given pictures, because I want to not have to pay for pictures on my blog for as long as possible.


Super New Year Cart 15 in 1, Part 2

Hello, followers! Today I’m going to continue writing about my bootleg Super New Year Cart 15 in 1 multicart.


For those of you who didn’t read the previous post, I recommend that you go read it here because it covers the first three games included, as well as a few more details about it.

Anyway, if you don’t feel like going and reading it, I’ll fill you in on some of the details.

Here’s the menu, when you boot it up:


That’s in Chinese, and not legible unless you can read Chinese. I know that I for one can not read Chinese, so I will switch the Menu to English by pressing select.


Well, like I said, I’ve already covered the first three games on the multicart, The Legend, The Hummer, and Pink Jelly. Now we are going to move on to the next game, War.


Some of you might remember this game from my post on the Power Joy Navigator. This game was included on the “Power Joy Navigator 50 Games” multicart. I didn’t cover anything about it other than the title screen at the time, because I had already bought this 15 in 1 multicart, and was planning on writing about War when this 15 in 1 showed up in the mail. Also, I gave a hint to anybody who wanted spoilers saying that I was going to write about a multicart made by Hummer Team in 2005. I’m curious if anybody actually looked that up and figured out I was covering this. If you did, let me know in the comments section maybe.

Which, whatever, nobody cares about that probably, so let’s actually write about War.

This game is pretty simple. Here’s how it works:

You play as some military guy at the bottom of the screen who presumably has been positioned there to guard the front lines by yourself because some general was some having some trouble thinking out plans that will work well.

Here’s a screenshot of the first level:


You can’t move away from the bottom of the screen, so to attack the enemy soldiers you have to throw things at them. You have two kinds of projectiles. The first kind are knives, of which you have an infinite number somehow crammed inside your pocket or something. Knives can only kill enemies that are close to you, because I guess you aren’t good at throwing knives very far. This soldier in the game wouldn’t make a good knife thrower in the circus.

Anyway, you have your second kind of projectile, too. It’s a bomb. You can toss it much further than you can the knives. I guess they are lighter. But to make up for their being light and able to be thrown long distances, you can’t have an infinite number crammed inside your pocket. You start out with a few bombs, and sometimes the enemy soldiers will drop boxes with more bombs when you kill them. This will replenish your bomb supply, and you are now free to attack the further-back soldiers.

The enemies will also sometimes drop other boxes, which do other things. I have not yet determined exactly what all of the other boxes do, but they all have a symbol on the box that will let you tell it apart from the others.

The enemy soldiers aren’t just running around willy nilly doing nothing to fight you. The enemy soldiers are running around willy nilly tossing a weapon down at you randomly that you have to dodge. This isn’t really much of a challenge in the first couple of levels, but it gets to be more of an issue in the more challenging later levels.


Well, that’s it for War. Now to cover some of the other games on Super New Year Cart 15 in 1.

Next off is the game listed in the menu as Hacker. When you start up this game normally, it doesn’t show the title screen, and goes directly to the first level. This game actually has graphics for a title screen, and cutscenes, but they all go unused for some reason.

Some people have actually gone and hacked the game to make it display the title screen, and if you do that, you’ll get this:


Huh. This game is actually supposed to be called Titenic, not Hacker. This video game is very loosely based off of the Titanic movie. Here’s how it works: You play as the main characters from that movie, Jack and Rose, and you have to go around on the Titanic and have to beat up everybody aboard the ship. For some reason. I guess everybody on the ship is a jerk or something.

Doesn’t matter why, though. Nobody really cares.

In this game, you play as Jack for a while, and then halfway through the game, you switch to playing as Rose. I’m pretty bad at this game though, and I haven’t been able to get that far. Some other people on the internet have been able to do it though, and they say that it happens.

[UPDATE] I’ve played this game more and I got that far. I confirm that it works that way.

Here’s some screenshots:


Well, interesting. What’s the next game? That is Heroine on the menu. Let’s start it up.


Huh? That’s really similar to Hacker. And that’s because it is. Heroine is exactly the same, except you play on Rose’s levels first, and then Jack’s levels. Other than that, it’s completely identical.

Well, that’s it for now, guys. This post is at around 900 words right now, so whatever, I wrote a lot I guess. I’ve covered 6 games so far, so that’s 9 more games to go on covering this multicart. I’ll do that soon hopefully. Bye!

Part 1

Aladdin! Again!

Hello, everyone! I’ve got a new Famiclone cartridge that showed up in the mail today. Here it is:


This cartridge might look a little familiar. That’s because I already wrote about a similar cartridge a while back:


Huh. Pretty similar. I don’t have that blue cartridge anymore though, because I gave it away in a trade for some new bootleg Famicom cartridges. Apparently that JY-027 variant was pretty uncommon, so I was able to get some neat stuff in exchange for it. One of those games is the more common JY-025 Aladdin cartridge I’m writing about right now.

Anyway, the game on the cartridge is exactly the same, except the title screen is changed.

Here’s the title screen of that Aladdin III cart:


And here’s the title screen of Aladdin:


Other than that, it’s exactly the same.

My copy of the game has a top label. Here it is:


Sorry if it’s upside down, I can’t read whatever language this is. (Chinese??)

Also, here’s the back of my cartridge:


This isn’t really very much new stuff to write about here. But whatever, I’m trying to usually do at least one post per cartridge I get, and for this one, there wasn’t much else to write about. Sorry. /:

By the way, if you want to know more about this game, I go into more detail in my post about the other cartridge I used to have. You can read it by clicking this link.

Well, that’s it for now. Bye guys!

Also, this is the 50th post on The Famiclone Blog! Cool I wrote that much. 😀

The Super 8-in-1 Multicart

Hello, everybody! Today I’ve got a multicart to show you guys called Super 8-in-1. Here it is:


Well, let’s take a look!

The game list on the label, including typos, says:

•Ghostn Godblins
•Rain Bow
•Fire Bird
•Green Berst Section
•Thunder Cade
•Leff Funace

Weird. The artwork on this multicart label is a little off for some of the games. Whatever though. Let’s see what’s actually on the multicart!


Well! It says “8 in 1” on the top. It also says “XB-815”, which, if you remember, was the ID number on the label.

This next part is pretty funny. At the bottom of the screen, it says “push sel or start button”. That’s a really generic thing to be on a multicart. But here’s the funny part about it. The select button on this multicart is supposed you to go to the next screen of a menu, if the multicart has enough games to make a menu with multiple screens. But there aren’t multiple screens on this multicart, so the select button does nothing here. lol

Anyway, the game selection is a little different now. Instead of “castle”, we now have “castle vania”. Makes more sense. We also have “rainbow” instead of “rain bow”, which is a little better. “Green Berst Sectoon” is now replaced with “green.” And “Leff Funace” is now Life Force. Huh.

Well, let’s boot up the games to make sure everything is in order. First off is Ghosts ‘N Goblins. (Now I’ll fix the typos.)


It’s the Japanese version of Ghosts ‘N Goblins. The copyright notice seems to be erased. Other than that though, it’s normal Ghosts ‘N Goblins.

Next off is Castlevania.


Oddly, they left the copyright intact on this game. Again, everything is as usual and plays exactly like normal Castlevania, as far as I can tell.

Next off is Rainbow.


Now the title is “Rainbow Islands: The Story Of Bubble Bobble 2”.  Which is the sequel to Bubble Bobble. And it appears to me to be unedited, apart from the copyright removed. I’ve never played this game before though, so I can’t be expected to notice very much different.

The next game is Fire Bird.


It has a Japanese title screen, and the copyright is removed. I don’t know what game this is, but if anybody can tell based on the following gameplay screenshot, let me know.


Whatever. Next game is Contra. It is mostly the same as unpacked Contra, with one important difference.


There’s a level select! They also removed the copyrights, but nobody cares probably.



Well, the next game is “Green”…


Wait no, it’s Rush’n Attack. The copyrights are removed here also.

The next game is ThunderCade:

IMG_5899Thundercade. The copyright appears to be unedited too. I have never played this game before, but it looks like it’s probably an NES game, cause of the copyright notice.

The final game is Life Force.


Neat! Life Force! This game is actually pretty good. The copyright seems to still be there too. Wait… that copyright says “1989 NTDEC Co.” That doesn’t sound right. What’s NTDEC? Well, NTDEC was a publisher of bootleg Famicom cartridges and systems. They’re still around, under the name “Asder”, but they don’t make famiclone stuff anymore. Anyway, NTDEC tended to modify the copyrights on the games they published. Some other pirate companies got ahold of NTDEC’s pirate games and made knockoffs of the knockoffs, without even bothering to take out NTDEC’s copyright. That’s exactly what happened here.

Well, other than that, it is Life Force. It was actually created by Konami.

Well, that’s it for now, guys. Bye!