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Alright guys, this section of my website is for stuff that I’m planning on writing about. I guess you might call this spoilers, so I’ll not be too specific, but you should still be aware that there might be spoilers. Moving on, here’s what I’m planning on doing:


•Wingardium Leviosa–wait I don’t have a wand. 😦 oh well
•It’s from another planet!
•Pikachu, another Pikachu, more Pikachu, and then there’s one extra.
•I’m PRETTY SURE that there weren’t actually THAT many Mario games on the NES.


•Mario! Mario!! What are you even doing!?
•There are no dragons here.


•Whoever said disks were better than cartridges?
•This isn’t Super Mario Bros. 3.
•Hm lets just change one word from the name of the game. Nobody will notice, right??
•More than one game on one cartridge! What an original idea.
•Active Enterprises, at least credit your sources, please.
•Magicians and Knights!
•Hm that’s one COOL famiclone you’ve got there.


•A bootleg company stole an unlicensed port and modified it to infringe on a different copyright.




•Aladdin! Again!!
•There are NOT 200 games on this cartridge.
•Hey dude if you thought that the Playstation was a more powerful system than the Famicom then well sir you are WRONG.
•This would have been a much better New Years special!
•Had enough of these NiceCode games yet? Yeah? Well TOO BAD and this time it’s an Easter special! This time I’m not going to be late like I was on the Christmas special.


•Excuse me sir but aren’t Angry Birds and Plants vs. Zombies cell phone and computer games? Sir, what are you even doing??


•Wow this famiclone was SUPER cheap.


•Hey this cartridge says it’s educational but it really seems a lot more like something recreational. Also it’s got Super Mario Bros. except now Mario’s a Pokémon.
•Hey guys you remember how I had some games with compressed graphics, and they wouldn’t run on my famiclone? And how I can’t play Duck Hunt because I don’t have a light gun? Well I got another famiclone, and now I can play all of those games! I mean, I think I can. The seller didn’t say for sure. I’ll tell you whether or not it worked! [UPDATE: It did!]


•Hey I got a couple famiclone games and they have the box this time! Also one of them was developed by Hummer Team! 
•Stupid ducks. No no wait it’s the DOG that’s stupid. 
•Are you tired of NiceCode? Well I’m not, and this time it’s a Christmas special! The problem is though, it’s a little late and I’m going to write about it on New Year’s Day. Probably should have called it a New Year Special, but it’s TOO LATE.


•I must say the label artwork on this pirate game is MUCH more accurate than the label artwork on the official cartridge. 
•After you play this next game you will definitely agree with me: EGGS ARE STUPID.


•I hope you didn’t hate those two Pikachu games I wrote about because I’ve GOT FOUR MORE GAMES all starring PIKACHU! And don’t get your hopes up if your favorite Pokemon is Vileplume because he’s the bad guy and you EAT HIM.
•Hey I’ve got a bunch of games and they’re all BROKEN. You’re just gonna have to deal with it. 
•Quiz time: It’s a puzzle game on the NES that was developed in Russia. Oh and also it’s not Tetris. WHAT COULD IT BE!?!?!? 
•I’m doing that mystery puzzle game and I’m also doing Tetris! 
•Hey what if you took a game and replaced the main character with Mario? Well it TOTALLY HAPPENED and this time it’s NOT SOMARI.
•This next one’s a fighting game! People fight! And you’re one of those people! 

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