Super Mario pirate cart

The majority of single-game pirate carts of licensed cartridge games are boring. Just a normal game with nothing special about it. Typically with unoriginal or generic label art, too. And since most of the ones I have found are overpriced, I don’t have very many.

Here are the ones I do have (other than the one mentioned in this post’s title):

A few days ago, I got a Super Mario Bros. pirate cartridge, even though it was overpriced, because it looks like this.


LOL. That’s ridiculous. When you power it on, you get this fairly common title screen hack of Super Mario Bros.:


Hacked Super Mario Bros. Title Screen

I believe this cartridge was made in Argentina, because I got from there. Also I got this other very similar bootleg game from Argentina also:


Weird artwork.

If anyone has any information about these cartridges or what company made them I would like to know. (:

Anyway I thought the label for this game was pretty funny. So hopefully you will too.

Oh by the way here is the back of the cartridge:


That’s it for now. Bye guys!

UPDATE: Also it has the level select enabled by default

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