NiceCode’s Star

There are probably at least five billion video games where you control a fish that has to eat the smaller fish, or something along those lines.

As such, it’s no surprise that there are games of that sort on the Famicom. Only this time, it’s developed by NiceCode and you control stars eating smaller stars.


NiceCode Software’s logo.



Oh, and also you don’t just eat stars. You also eat other shapes like weird blobs, bubbles, etc.

Every time you eat a shape smaller than you, you get bigger. If you try to eat a bigger object, it eats you and you lose a life.

As far as gameplay, that’s it. Basically just your typical fish-eats-the-smaller-fish game.

But, there’s something else interesting about this game.

Remember the bootleg NiceCode ports of Plants Vs. Zombies and Angry Birds?

Well, those ports’ music is taken from Star. Unfortunately, everybody I’ve asked hates this music except for me. Oh well. I mean, it’s not good music, but it’s not terrible.

(NiceCode isn’t exactly known for there high-quality background music. In fact, they’re known for there incredibly low-quality music. And for some of NiceCode’s games, yes, it really is super terrible.)

If you want to play this game, it’s included on the CoolBoy 400-in-1 multicart and probably some other places.

That’s it for now. Bye!

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