Family Kid

Hi guys, about a month ago I purchased this game, and today it came in the mail:


Yup! That’s the game I got. Family Kid. It’s a hack of Somari. It was hacked by a company called Family TSI. They also published some famiclones. Anyway, Family Kid is a hack of Somari, that replaces Somari with Family TSI’s mascot Family Kid.

Here’s the Family TSI logo, which you get when you boot up Family Kid.

(note: these pictures were taken on an emulator. I would take them on an actual console, but I had already uploaded these pictures in a previous post before I got my cartridge, so I figure I’d rather reuse those than take new pictures and waste space on the limited-space WordPress database.)

2-in-1 - Family Kid & Aladdin 4 (Ch) [!] 2015-11-14 10.52.52


Then there’s the title screen.

2-in-1 - Family Kid & Aladdin 4 (Ch) [!] 2015-11-14 10.53.12


And here’s some gameplay.

2-in-1 - Family Kid & Aladdin 4 (Ch) [!] 2015-11-14 10.53.32


For some reason, when Family Kid is standing still, part of his sprite is missing. I’m not sure why, but it’s probably some sort of glitch.

Anyway, that’s basically it for the game part of it. For more about Somari, search my blog for my posts on it a while back if you haven’t read them yet.

But there’s some more I want to say about this cartridge. Take a closer look at this label:
FullSizeRender copy

…that’s not an actual hole in the label. They printed out a label that looks like it has a hole in it.

And plus, this label is really blurry. I think I know why.

This cartridge is not an original printing. My cartridge is a very new rerelease by a company that’s not Family TSI. For the label, I think they looked on the internet, found a picture of some guy’s damaged cartridge, and put it on as the label.

That’s pretty funny, in my opinion.

That’s basically it though. Thanks for reading this! Bye. I’ll write some more about bootleg Famicom games later. I have some more games I bought that I’ll write about soon.


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