Super New Year Cart 15-in-1, part 3.

Hello, everybody!

Today I have a third blog post for you guys to read about the bootleg ABAB Soft/Hummer Team 15-in-1 multicart!



First off, I want to correct a mistake I made when I was writing about Titenic. Remember, it was that bootleg video game based off the Titanic movie.

Well, anyway, I’ve been playing that game recently, and a couple of days ago I beat it. And I noticed a mistake in my previous blog post.

I had said that if you select the game Hacker on the menu, you play as Jack and then switch to playing as Rose in the later levels. I also said that if you pick Heroine on the menu, you start on the later levels with Rose and then switch to the earlier levels with Jack.

Well, actually I made a mistake. If you select Heroine on the menu, then you play as Rose, like I said. But don’t switch to Jack after you’re done, it takes you to the end of the game.

Well, since I’ve beaten the game, I can show you what the end of the game looks like:


Cool! Credits!

By the way, I was also playing The Legend, and I beat it on the lowest difficulty mode. I forgot to take a picture for you guys, but it’s not really that exciting. It just says “good job now try again normal mode” or something like that. I’m pretty sure it only shows you the real ending if you beat it on hard mode.

But whatever, let’s get to actually writing about the games on this multicart I haven’t written about yet.

The next one on here is The Duck, so let’s try it out.


Well, there’s some music playing on the title screen. Let’s press start.


There’s ducks flying around the screen. Similarly to Duck Hunt. Yup, this is a clone of Duck Hunt, but it’s different in several ways.

First off, you don’t use a light gun. At least, not without some glitching. I’ve read that this game has incomplete light gun support, but I haven’t tried it out yet. Mainly because my CRT tv isn’t hooked up at the moment, and modern TVs will not work with light guns.

Anyway, you shoot the ducks by moving a cursor around with the D-pad, and pressing A or B to shoot. The round is over when you shoot enough ducks. Then it says that you’ve completed the round and it takes you to the next round, which is the same except you have to shoot more ducks. You get 100 points whenever you shoot a duck.

It doesn’t seem like there is any way to get a game over on this game. I just sat doing nothing for a few minutes and nothing happened. The ducks just kept flying around the screen.

Well, anyway, the next game on the multicart is The Egg. Let’s try it out. I hope this is different than NiceCode’s Egg Contest game.


And indeed it is. It’s a simple hack of The Duck. Or, more likely in my opinion, The Duck is a hack of The Egg. Let’s play it and find out why.

It’s the same, except now the ducks will lay eggs if you don’t shoot them quickly. Every time an egg hits the ground, you lose 50 points.


If your points become negative numbers, it’s game over. Other than that, it’s identical to The Duck. It’s still really easy.


Well, most of the rest of the games on this multicart are repeats. Mostly of Pink Jelly, except they start on different levels. There’s still one more game left though on this cartridge, and that’s Gorge, aka Rings. Then there are some repeats of that that start on different levels. I’m not writing about it right now though. Why? Because I want to do another post about this 15-in-1. I’ll make that post later, after I have my CRT tv set up again and I can try out the incomplete light gun support in The Duck/The Egg.

That’s it for now. Bye guys.

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