Hummer Team’s Tekken 2

Hello, everybody! I’ve got a new game to write about on my blog. I’ve had it for a few weeks now. As you can probably guess from the title of this blog post, that game I refer to is Tekken 2.


This is a bootleg port of the PlayStation fighting game Tekken to the Famicom. No, it’s not a port of Tekken 2, it’s a port of Tekken 1. I guess they just called it Tekken 2 to make some extra money off of it.

This port was developed by Hummer Team and released in September of 1996. Hummer Team was also the developer of several other Famicom pirate originals such as Somari, Panda Adventure, War, War of Strike Mouse, Titenic, Dragon Running, Street Fighter IV, etc.

Well, let’s put it in a Famicom and play it.


Neat! And the first thing everybody does when they have a new fighting game is they press up-right-up-right-right-right-up-left on the title screen, so let’s get that out of the way. If you do that, you will get this.


That 3-eyed sun/sea urchin is the logo of the JY Company. The JY Company was a bootleg game publisher that published bootleg games, as is the usual for a bootleg game publisher. They published some of Hummer Team’s games, as well as some other pirate originals and some multicarts and some bootleg copies of official games. As you can see, the cartridge’s ID code is JY-092, a reference to the publisher’s name.

If you activate the JY company logo, the game will basically soft lock there and you will have to hit reset if you want to actually play the game.

Well, OK. If you wait for a while on the title screen, it plays a cutscene, which is the intro from Tekken. Pretty neat. Then it goes to a demo mode, which I am not going to show to you because I want to show you the gameplay myself. I’ll show you a picture of the cutscene though.


The cutscene is animated really well, too.

All right! Let’s actually press start on the title screen this time.


Ooh! A character select! With big character portraits! Cool! Plus there’s some music playing in the background that was later reused in Hummer Team’s game Dragon Running. The menu includes all the characters from the original Tekken.

When you pick your character, some music plays, and then the fight starts. The gameplay is more similar to Street Fighter II more than to Tekken. (At least, that’s what I’ve heard. I’ve never played any of the Tekken games. I’ve played Street Fighter II though.) The reason for this is because it is based off of the game engine of a bootleg port of Street Fighter II, also made by Hummer Team. This is the case with most of their fighting games.


Tekken had actual 3D rendered backgrounds, but the Famicom/NES can not do that kind of thing. So to compensate, Hummer Team used multi-layered scrolling in the backgrounds.

Speaking of background, there’s a sign in the back of some of them that says “Hummer” on it. This is a reference to the fact that the developer of this port is Hummer Team.


After you win a match, then it plays that same music reused in Dragon Running. Plus it has your character’s victory pose. (:


The game also has a 2-player vs. mode, which is listed separately on the menu. This is unusual for a Hummer Team fighting game. Usually Hummer Team lets you access 2-player mode in some other way.

Well, that’s basically it. I hope you liked this blog post.

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