The Power Joy KS-2523B.

Hello everybody! You know how I said that Power Joys were still being produced? Well now I can prove it.

A long time ago, I bought an ED64+ flash cartridge for the Nintendo 64. Well, a couple months ago I noticed a URL in the thing’s manual to the distributor’s web page.

So I went and checked it out, and apparently the Hong Kong based distributor, Success HK, distributes a lot of old video game accessories, as well as some knockoffs of old games. They also sell some famiclones, including the Power Joy KS-2523B.

Hm! Sounds cool! Here were the pictures that they had to show what it was:

That doesn’t give basically any information. The description says: “Buildin 23 Games.” Yup. That’s the entire description on Success HK’s website. They also have a link to this picture, listing all of the games:


Huh. Looks like all generic standard games to see on a famiclone, except for “Anger Bird 3”, which might be NiceCode’s port of Angry Birds, or maybe some stupid hack.

So far, doesn’t seem like I should get it. But wait! They are actually selling this plug and play for just $5.82. Plus shipping. And if you select the cheapest shipping option, you only have to pay a couple bucks shipping.

Now, this was before I had that Game Prince RS-1 famiclone with the Angry Birds port on it. So I figured, hey it’s really really cheap, and maybe I’ll get a new famiclone game. Worth a try. So I bought it.

Now it’s two months later, and this showed up in the mail, really beat up from being in ground mail for two months:


Here’s the other sides of the box.




Oh, look at that. There’s a message that says “specifications, colours, and contents may vary from illustrations”. And yes, they do vary from the illustrations. A WHOLE FREAKING LOT.

Pretty much none of those games in the pictures are actually on the plug and play. And those pictures of the system are of a white version of this system, not black, like it actually is. Who knows, maybe there is a white version. But that D-Pad in the pictures is a different style than the one that’s actually on this system.

But that’s not the only stupid thing on the box. It says “Requires 3 x AAA batteries (not included)”. But no. That’s a lie. It only needs two AAA batteries.

And we’re not done yet! There’s a spot where it says “2015. No batteries needed. No adapter needed.” That’s a lie. This thing runs exclusively on batteries.

There’s more! One part of the box says “999,000 in 1”, while another part says “Built-in 90 games”, while the distributor’s website says “Buildin 23 Games.” What the heck.

I am sick of just reading all these lies. I’m going to plug it into my TV and turn it on.

No, first I’ll point out that it says “Power Joy” on there multiple times, and it has a power joy logo. This is actually a recent model of the Power Joy famiclone.

Ok, NOW I will hook it up and see what’s on it.

Oh wait, it’s still in the box. I guess I’ll take it out and have a look at it.


The reset button’s in the middle. The D-pad’s on the left. The buttons are on the right. It has autofire.

The start and select buttons are under the red reset button.

The on switch is EXTREMELY tiny.


OK, now I will actually plug it in and see what’s on it.


It says “8B2981” at the bottom. That’s were because the ID on the box is “KS-2523B”. But I think by now we’ve learned not to trust the box.


Oh, and the top of the screen says “998,800 in 1.” What??? Now we have four possible numbers for the game count on this multicart:

  1. 999,000 (from the box)
  2. 90 (also from the box)
  3. 23 (from the manufacturer’s website)
  4. 998,800 (from the menu)

Let’s see how high it actually goes.


Looks like the menu wins here.

But whatever. Moving on. The menu has some (probably stolen) music playing in the background. Here’s a list of the included games:

  1. International Cricket
  2. Contra II
  3. Bases Loaded 4
  4. World Cup Soccer
  5. Angry Birds (NiceCode port. Listed on the menu as Anger Bird 3)
  6. Double Dragon 2
  7. Super Mario Bros. (removed title screen)
  8. Adventure Island (Japanese version)
  9. Dino Riki
  10. City Connection
  11. Tetris (Tengen)
  12. F1 Race
  13. Road Fighter
  14. Excitebike
  15. Zippy Race
  16. Yie Ar Kung Fu
  17. Lode Runner
  18. Pac-Man
  19. Tank A 1990
  20. Antarctic Adventure
  21. Balloon Fight
  22. Pooyan
  23. Popeye

Then it starts repeating. Hm… I guess the distributor’s website was actually more accurate. Other than NiceCode’s Angry Birds, it’s pretty generic stuff. But I’ll say that for $8, it was worth it.

But there’s something else on the menu. I didn’t list it as number 24 because it’s not really a game. If you go to the very end of the menu, there’s something listed on the menu as 8 Bit Test.

It’s just a diagnostics program for the NES that tests out all the sound channels and stuff. There’s also a list of all the buttons on the controller, and it lights up when you press any button.


Huh. That’s kinda weird.

Well, that’s it for this plug and play. Bye guys! I’ll write more later.

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