200-in-1 T.V. Game Cartridge

Hello everyone! I recently got this neat 200-in-1 multicart. Here it is:


Well, the first thing you’ll notice about it is that it’s way bigger than a standard Famicom cartridge.


I also happen to have a really small Famiclone cartridge, Power Joy Navigator 50 Games, which just for fun here is a comparison picture:


The label for this game has artwork for a lot of games. Some of the ones I can recognize include Contra, Life Force, Tetris, Wild Gunman, Duck Hunt, and Super Mario Bros. There are some more game artworks on here, but I can’t recognize them.

By the way, let’s zoom in on that Tetris artwork…

tetris art

What the… somebody was not playing Tetris correctly.

Let’s look at the rest of the cartridge. It has “T.V. GAME CARTRIDGE” engraved into the cartridge on the top of the front. Also, it appears to have originally had a top label, but mine is pretty beat up and I can’t read what it said.


There’s a little sticker on the side saying “EK TK” and then something in Chinese that I can’t read.


Then on the back, there’s a list of all the games. It’s in Chinese though, so I can’t read it. It also says “HOME GAME COMPUTER” underneath the sticker.


Well, that’s it for what the cartridge looks like. Let’s put it in a Famicom and see what is on it.


Hm! A menu. The first game on the list is Contra. And yeah, it’s contra. Albeit with the copyright removed.

Next is Life Force. Also without copyrights. Then there is Rush ‘N Attack, again with no copyrights. Then you have Jakal, Ninja Kun, and Binary Land without the copyrights. Sao far so standard. Then we get to “Mario” on the menu, and something really weird happens.

When you boot it up, you get the “World 1-1” screen from Super Mario Bros. Weird, huh?


Then this happens:


But you can’t move Mario! Weird, huh? There are two things that can happen from here.

If you wait for a while, then Mario starts moving on his own, doing the usual demo mode from Super Mario Bros. After the demo is over (or you skip to the end by hitting start) then this happens:


The Super Mario Bros. title screen except without the title screen. Huh. From here, it’s exactly the same as normal Super Mario Bros., except, you know, minus the title screen.

But what about the second thing that can happen? What’s that? Well, if you press start back before the demo mode starts, then this happens:


And then you start the first level, actually playable.

Well, that’s pretty weird. Let’s move on the the next game on the multicart list, Duck 1PS.


Well, it says Duck Hunt. But what happened to the three modes of play? Now it just says “push start.” Whatever, what happens if we do?

Nothing much. It’s just Duck Hunt always stuck on 1-duck mode. Huh. Well, moving on. The next game is Tank 1A, which after you start it up, has a title screen of “Tank 1A 1991”


It’s a hack of battle city. It looks pretty familiar. Here’s why. There are a lot of other Battle City hacks made by Yanshan Software that have similar names. I don’t know if this was made by Yanshan Software too.

Some of Yanshan Software’s other hacks include “Tank A 1990”, “Tank B 1990”, “Tank C 1990”, “Tank D 1990”, and “Tank E 1990”. I suspect that this “Tank 1A 1991” was also made by Yanshan Software.

I don’t know for sure though. Moving on. The next game on this multicart is Ant Adventure on the menu. It’s actually a Famicom game called Antarctic Adventure where you play as a penguin. The copyright appears to be removed.

Next, there’s “Ice Climber 2”, which is actually Ice Climbers. Then, the next game is Ninja 2, which is just Ninja Kun hacked to start on level 2. Then there’s Binary Land 3, which is actually just Binary Land hacked to start on level 3.

Then we have Tank 2A. It’s hacked version of that other Battle City hack. I’m pretty sure it just starts on a different level.

Interesting. Then we have “B-Wings CON” which is actually just B-Wings. Then there’s Mario 2, which instead of actually being Mario 2, is Super Mario Bros. hacked to start on world 2. And yes, it still has that glitchy title screen.

Next off is “Asuit Contra”, which is Contra except you always have the machine gun. Kinda cheating.

Then there’s Rush ‘N Attack 2, which is really Rush ‘N Attack hacked to start on level 2. Then there’s Duck 2PS, which is Duck Hunt always on 2-duck mode. Then there’s Ice Climber 3, which is actually Ice Climber hacked to start on level 3.

Next there is “Asuit Contra MAY”. What?? Well, this is Contra, except you always have the machine gun, and you always have the 30 lives cheat on at default.

Next is Dig Dug 3. It’s Dig Dug where you start on level 3. I hope there is a Dig Dug 1 somewhere on this multicart, so I can play it starting at the beginning. Next is Circus Charlie, hacked to start on Level 2. Next is Nuts and Milk, unhacked. Then there’s Clu Clu Land 2, which is Clu Clu Land hacked to start on level 2—


Here’s a complete list of every game on this multicart. (Also, they did have a version of Dig Dug that starts on level 1. :D)

Sometimes it’s hard to find what you want though, because between everything is a bunch of boring level hacks, so you have to keep your eye out for what you want.

  • Contra
  • Life Force
  • Rush ‘N Attack
  • Jackal
  • Ninja Kun
  • Binary Land
  • Super Mario Bros.
  • Duck Hunt
  • Tank 1A 1991
  • Antarctic Adventure
  • Ice Climber
  • Tank 2A 1991
  • B-Wings
  • Dig Dug
  • Circus Charlie
  • Nuts & Milk
  • Clu Clu Land
  • Tank 2B 1991
  • Mappy (the best game ever)
  • Bomberman
  • Ballon Fight
  • Wild Gunman
  • Combat
  • Tengen’s Tetris (Title screen replaced with ASCII text)

This multicart actually has something really stupid. There are a couple repeats of the battle city hacks, and guess what they are called in the menu? “Warpman”, “Donkey Kong D”, and “Donkey Kong Jr.” What the heck!?!?!? Why do they have to try to rip people off by doing this!!?!?

Still though, if you add up all the real games on the multicart, that’s 24 actual games on this multicart. That’s actually a lot better than I expected!

Well, that’s it for now, guys. Bye!!

P.S. All of these games have the copyrights removed. There are also some other hacks of the games, like giving you different power-ups in Contra, plus everything has a hack that starts on the wrong level. (Except for Contra. They don’t have those for Contra). Plus there are repeats.

P.P.S. You may notice I didn’t have very many pictures here. The reason for that is because you can only store a limited number of pictures on WordPress before you have to start paying for it. For all of the games that you can easily find pictures of on the internet, I have not given pictures, because I want to not have to pay for pictures on my blog for as long as possible.


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