Aladdin! Again!

Hello, everyone! I’ve got a new Famiclone cartridge that showed up in the mail today. Here it is:


This cartridge might look a little familiar. That’s because I already wrote about a similar cartridge a while back:


Huh. Pretty similar. I don’t have that blue cartridge anymore though, because I gave it away in a trade for some new bootleg Famicom cartridges. Apparently that JY-027 variant was pretty uncommon, so I was able to get some neat stuff in exchange for it. One of those games is the more common JY-025 Aladdin cartridge I’m writing about right now.

Anyway, the game on the cartridge is exactly the same, except the title screen is changed.

Here’s the title screen of that Aladdin III cart:


And here’s the title screen of Aladdin:


Other than that, it’s exactly the same.

My copy of the game has a top label. Here it is:


Sorry if it’s upside down, I can’t read whatever language this is. (Chinese??)

Also, here’s the back of my cartridge:


This isn’t really very much new stuff to write about here. But whatever, I’m trying to usually do at least one post per cartridge I get, and for this one, there wasn’t much else to write about. Sorry. /:

By the way, if you want to know more about this game, I go into more detail in my post about the other cartridge I used to have. You can read it by clicking this link.

Well, that’s it for now. Bye guys!

Also, this is the 50th post on The Famiclone Blog! Cool I wrote that much. 😀

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