Super New Year Cart 15 in 1, Part 1

Hello, everybody!

A really neat new Famiclone cartridge showed up in the mail today. That cartridge is Super New Year Cart 15 in 1. It was published in 2005 by ABAB soft and developed by Hummer Team.

Given the “New Year” in the name, it would have been a bit of a better New Year’s special than the game I wrote about (Mad Xmas), but back when I wrote that, I didn’t have a copy of this game. I tried to get one, but this cartridge is pretty hard to find, and I wasn’t able to get one before New Years. Ah well.

Whatever, let’s take a look at the game!


The cartridge has a light blue color, and it has an odd collage of artwork that is put on the cover.

I can’t read the Chinese title on the cover, other than the “15 in 1” part, which is in English. Anyway, I did a little research and it translates to Super New Year Cart 15 in 1.

Also, none of that artwork has anything to do with the games included on this 15 in 1 cart. The games included are different.

All righty! Let’s put this thing in a famiclone and see what’s inside.


Hm! All in Chinese. I’m not going to get any use out of that. It also has some neat music playing in the background.

Fortunately, there’s a quick and easy way to turn this menu into English. You just hit select, and this happens:


Neat! For some reason, the menu changes color when you switch languages. You can switch it back to Chinese by hitting select again, but unless you speak Chinese, that wouldn’t be a good thing to do.

Also, this language select has a connection to another game. OK, here’s the story. There is a bootleg port of Super Mario World to the Famicom developed by Hummer Team. In that game, there’s a sound effect when you ride on Yoshi. In this 15 in 1, that same sound effect plays when you switch languages. Neat!

Let’s get started playing these games. I suppose we should start with The Legend at the beginning. The beginning is usually a very good place to start.


This game is actually an updated version of an early Hummer Team game called Street Fighter IV. Apart from the name, it has pretty much nothing to do with the Street Fighter series, and is mostly original.

The gameplay is similar to Street Fighter II, but that’s only because it’s based off of the Hummer Team Fighting Engine, which was originally designed to play a port of Street Fighter II.

Sounds neat. Let’s start.


A character select. Basically, you pick your character. Like a typical character select. Most of them are like that. Whatever.

After you select your fighter, then all of the portraits will become the portrait of the character you picked.


Cool! Then this happens:


The exact order of which characters you fight depends on what fighter you select. Anyway, the gameplay is like Street Fighter II, with jumping and punching and kicking and combo moves that I’m too lazy to memorize.



All of the matches have 3 rounds. If you lose a match, you get the option to continue. If you lose another match, then you get a game over.


And if your score is high enough, you will go to the high score screen.


Well, that’s basically it for The Legend. Let’s go on to the next game, The Hummer.


The Hummer is a hack of Somari the Adventurer that replaces Somari with Hummer Team’s mascot, Hummer Pony. It also changes the palettes on most of the graphics. More specifically, it’s a hack of a hack of a hack of Somari. The hack of a hack this game is based off of is Sonic and Knuckles 5.

Like that hack, the game starts off in Spring Yard Zone, instead of Green Hill Zone, like it’s supposed to.


Fortunately, you can use the level select cheat code to start on any level you want.


Well, that’s neat! This was actually the first game to feature Hummer Pony. Hummer Pony would later star in several other games on a couple Plug and Play famiclones, neither of which I own. I’d like to get one at some point.

ANYway, that’s basically it for The Hummer. For more information about Somari, read my post about it here.


The next game on the multicart is Pink Jelly.


It’s a hack of Panda Adventure. If you don’t know about Panda Adventure, I give it a brief summary here.

More specifically, this is a hack of a hack of Panda Adventure. The hack this game is based on is called Rings, which is also on this multicart. You’ll see a post about that game in a future post about Super New Year Cart 15 in 1.

Anyway, the main changes in this game in relation to Panda Adventure are that it changes most of the graphics, repalettes some of the enemies and backgrounds, and replaces Panda from Panda Adventure with a pink cat named Pink Jelly.

Pink Jelly also appears on those two plug and play consoles I mentioned a minute ago.

Here’s some more pictures of Pink Jelly, taken on an emulator because a) they are better quality than photographs of a CRT TV and b) I’m being lazy and don’t want to take more pictures with my camera.

Super New Year Cart 15-in-1 (Hummer team)(Unl)[!] 2016-02-29 19.40.31Super New Year Cart 15-in-1 (Hummer team)(Unl)[!] 2016-02-29 19.42.01Super New Year Cart 15-in-1 (Hummer team)(Unl)[!] 2016-02-29 19.43.40

Well, that’s it for now, everybody. You can read about the rest of the games on this multicart in future posts. Bye guys!! This is it for now.

Part 2

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  1. This multicart is made by Hummer Team and published by ABAB Soft.


    • I know it was made by Hummer Team. But different places I’ve looked say different companies published it. Most say ABAB soft, but one said it was unknown, one said ABAB soft or Hummer Team, and I’m pretty sure another said Zechess. Is there any proof about who published it? I know it has some games Hummer Team made for ABAB soft, but is there anything else?


      • I so know that the ABAB Soft. published. Zechess Co. only the Samuri 60-in-1 published. After 1998, the Hummer Team games was publisher of ABAB Soft. and the Trump Grand Manufacturing (in the Power Joy multicarts).


      • Ok then. I’ll update the post to say that ABAB soft published it. (By the way, Zechess also published the ZDog plug and play)


  2. jm_jiles

     /  May 28, 2016

    Awesome website! 🙂


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