April Fool!!!

Hey everybody! I’m going to do an April Fools post. First off, be warned: This post is actually pretty stupid. You’ll be disappointed if you expect anything else.

Secondly, I’m writing this at 9:12 PM, so pretty much everybody reading it will be reading it after April Fools is over. Whatever though, it came out on April Fools day, so don’t complain.

So anyway, here’s the stupid thing I’m going to do as my April fools joke…


… is I’m going to calculate exactly how tall a character from an unlicensed video game is.

That character? Pink Jelly!

…C’mon, guys? Any of you heard of Pink Jelly? What? No one? Aw well. The point is, Pink Jelly is the star of several games developed by Hummer Team. I’m probably going to have some of those games soon, so look forward to that. Anyway, this is Pink Jelly:


Moving on, here’s how we’re going to figure out how tall Pink Jelly is:

Hummer Team had a mascot called Hummer Pony, and in a couple games, Pink Jelly and Hummer Pony showed up in the same place. That means that if we can calculate the height of Hummer Pony, we can calculate the height of Pink Jelly.

But how do we determine how tall Hummer Pony is? Well, Hummer Team made several hacks of Somari. One of them replaced Mario with Hummer Pony, and another replaced Mario with Sonic.

Wait! Since those hacks of Somari let us play the same levels with Hummer Pony and Sonic, we can compare how tall they are:

hummer:sonic copy

Well, they are exactly the same height. But now we need to know how tall Sonic is.

Well, I don’t need to work that out, because fans of the Sonic series have already looked into this and determined that Sonic is exactly 100 cm tall. This means that Hummer Pony is also 100 cm tall, so now we can try to calculate how tall Pink Jelly is.

There are a couple games I looked into that include Hummer Pony and Pink Jelly in the same place. Those games are Jelly Motor Boat and Fruit War. Well, in Fruit War they are both pretty far from the camera, so to get better data we are going to use Jelly Motor Boat.


In this game, Pink Jelly is going around on a raft, catching Hummer Pony as he falls from the ceiling over and over again. But whatever, we can rotate Hummer Pony’s sprite and compare it to Pink Jelly’s sprite.

pink jelly and Hummer Pony

But wait! There’s a problem. Pink Jelly is sitting down while he’s in the raft, so it won’t be able to judge how tall he is compared to Hummer Pony.

But all hope is not lost! There’s another game called Pink Jelly, the first game to include Pink Jelly. In that game, you can make Pink Jelly sit down. Now we can compare the sprite of Hummer Pony in Jelly Motor Boat to the sprite of Pink Jelly in Jelly Motor Boat. Then we can compare that to the sprite of Pink Jelly sitting down in the original Pink Jelly game, which should be about the same height. Then we compare that to the sprite of Pink Jelly standing up in that game, and we should be able to figure out tall Pink Jelly is! Well, I did the math, and Pink Jelly is…

Pink Jelly Height

…105 cm tall.

Well, yeah. That was pretty stupid, but then again, this is April Fools day, so I get to write about whatever I want, as long as it’s somehow related to famiclone stuff.

Well, that’s it for now guys. I’ve got a lot of really neat stuff that’s (hopefully) going to come in the mail soon, so look forward to that. Bye!


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