Yanshan Software’s Battle City hacks.

Hello everyone! I’m going to tell you about some hacks of Battle City made by a company called Yanshan Software, also known as YS or 烟山软件.

Yanshan Software was a company based in Fuzhou, China. Yanshan Software was actually the first Chinese company to develop Famicom games.

Most, if not all, of YS’s games were hacks of official games, including Contra and Battle City.

Yanshan’s hacks of Battle City are very widely distributed, and one of them, Tank A 1990, is actually more common than the original game on multicarts.

As of now, I have seven of their Battle City hacks.

So, yeah. All of these games change the level layouts, some of them change the tanks into other vehicles, and some of them add new power-ups. Here are some pictures:

IMG_4662Screen Shot 2015-11-29 at 5.54.15 PMIMG_4891

Cool, huh? Well, I don’t have time to go over all seven of these games and sum up all the differences. That would be very hard, especially since I don’t have a copy of the original Battle City. I did, however, do a more detailed summary of Tank A 1990, which you can read about here. Pretty much all of these games are similar, so you should pretty much know all you need to know. There’s probably somebody else who has gone into a lot more detail than me on this topic, so I guess if you want you can try to find something like that.

That’s it for now, guys. Bye!

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  1. me

     /  January 4, 2019

    Why dont you leave a link for ROM download?



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