Egg Contest!! EASTER SPECIAL!!!

Hi everybody! Happy Easter! Well anyway, I decided to do a special post for Easter. Unfortunately I don’t have very much in the way of Easter-related unlicensed Famicom games, but I looked around and it turns out I have something! And it was developed by… NiceCode!


NiceCode Software’s logo.

Yes, NiceCode Software to the rescue again to help me out when I’m trying to make a holiday special!

Today that special is… Egg Contest!!!

What?? Egg Contest? What kind of game is that?

Artists impression of what it might look like if Dr. Seuss entered an Egg Contest:

Egg Contest

Well, let’s adjust our expectations a little a lot different from that.


There’s a chicken at the top of the screen running around laying eggs. The eggs land on conveyor belts, and then you are a mouse at the bottom of the screen running around catching them.


You can flip a switch  on the left side of the screen that will reverse the direction of the conveyor belts.


Every time you catch a white egg, you get ten points.


Brown eggs are far less common, and if you catch one, you get fifty points. But if a brown egg hits the ground and breaks, it blows up and you might lose a life if you are close enough to the blast radius. Also when you get enough brown eggs, you go to the next level.


That’s it. I usually try to defend NiceCode and their games, but this game is really bad. The game is boring, and don’t even get me started on the terrible, terrible noise that is the Egg Contest background music. I had to turn the sound off on the TV to avoid permanent damage to my ears. Whoever said that Hummer Team’s games had bad music should listen to this. Ugh!

I would show you some gameplay, but the game is just too boring and has too terrible music.

Bye guys! Have a happy easter!




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