Where the 9999999-in-1 multicarts’s music was stolen from

Hey everybody! Remember my 9999999-in-1 multicart? The one with the hack of Super Mario Bros. that replaces Mario with Pikachu? Yeah! That thing!


The menu had some music, and a picture of a circus. I said before that they were probably stolen. Well, guess what? I WAS RIGHT!


Well, I was playing Circus Charlie and figured out where the music and picture were stolen from. Well, you’ll never guess, but they are stolen from Circus Charlie!

Yup. Circus Charlie is on this multicart, so I don’t really have an excuse for not noticing, but still.

Also, you see how the elephant has a blue face? Well, it’s not supposed to. In the original Circus Charlie,  the elephant didn’t have a blue face.

Well, mystery solved, everybody!


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