Game Prince Chinese Mode

Hey guys remember the RS-1 game prince?IMG_5073

Yeah, that thing! Well, anyway, I was playing around with it and I noticed something interesting!

Like I mentioned in previous posts, there are two versions of the built-in ROM. They are both mostly identical. On the version I don’t have, it has a menu that lets you choose between English and Chinese. Chinese is the first option, since this thing is sold in Hong Kong. Then, a revised version started being sold, which removed the language select screen and is always in English. That’s the one I have.

But it’s not always in English. I found a glitch that lets you see the Chinese mode! Remember, Chinese was the first option in the language select. It turns out that for a few frames when the thing is first turned on, the code for the language select is still running. The menu doesn’t show up during those few frames (I got a slow-motion video and checked), but you can still select the language. Anyway, since Chinese is the first option, then if you press start right when it starts, you can access the Chinese menu! Here’s a picture, everybody!


Little bit different than the normal version, eh?


Yeah, that’s not much, but it’s still kinda interesting.

That’s it for now, guys. I’ll write more later.

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