The Game Prince RS-1, Part 1

Hi everybody! A few days ago I bought this famiclone, and today it came in the mail. Here it is: The Game Prince RS-1.


(I’ve actually seen multiple variations of the box, but I’m writing about mine)

Well! It looks like it’s a portable famiclone. It says “built-in classic games”. So far so good, right?

But wait one second… “iPhone PC Android Games”??? What the heck is that supposed to mean? Don’t worry, you’ll see why it says that. But first, let’s look at the box and what’s in it.


Wait, 12-bit game??? Huh. That’s weird. 12-bit sells better than 8-bit, I guess.IMG_5064

Well, it says it runs off of 3 AAA batteries.IMG_5065


Now, let’s open it. First off, there’s the system itself.


There’s the controls and the screen. It also looks kinda like the Game Boy Micro, which was a version of the Game Boy Advance.


The Game Prince also comes in different colors, like green, black, orange, silver, red, and gold. Maybe there’s more, but I dunno.

Anyway, let’s look at the Game Prince system from other angles to see what it looks like.


There’s the battery cover, where you put in the necessary 3 AAA batteries.


Here’s the power switch and a little port on the side. Is that a headphone jack? No! I’ll get to that in a minute.


Nothing on this side.


A volume adjustor.


Nothing on this side.

Hm. No cartridge slot. But whatever, it has games built in.

Moving on, it’s got this manual:


It has a picture of the Game Prince playing New Super Mario Bros., but that’s a lie. It can’t actually do that. It’s lying. Here’s the rest of the manual:




If you read the manual (I suspect you didn’t) you’d have noticed several grammatical, punctuational, and spelling errors. Whatever though. What else is in the box?

Just one more thing. The AV cable. You were wondering what that port in the system was, it’s for plugging the Game Prince into your TV.


Yes, you can plug the handheld into your TV and use it as a plug and play system.


But there is a very big complaint about TV mode though: the cable is very, very short. I mean, look at this:

IMG_5082Because of this, most of these screenshots are probably going to be taken from handheld mode, since it’s easier to get pictures of.

If you power it up, you’ll get this:


It looks like that, and it has some music playing in the background.

As you can see, this looks kinda like Super Mario Bros. Yeah, most of the graphics in that picture are palette-swapped versions of Super Mario Bros. graphics. But not entirely. There’s that pink cat wearing a cape in the castle. There’s also a picture of somebody flying. And there’s some text: “152 in 1” and “Please prass the start key.” Yes, they made a typo there.

I should probably mention this, though. There are at least two versions of the Game Prince. The first version (and from what I can tell, the more common one) is nearly identical to this one, except that there is also a little menu that lets you choose between English and Chinese. The second version, which is what I have, removes this menu and is always in English.

Anyway though, what happens when you “prass” the start button? This:


It’s a multicart! It’s got a lot of games, but not quite 152. Some of the games are repeats. Not a lot though. Here’s a list of the games:

  1. Contra 1 (hacked version that lets you pick what level you start on or what gun you use)
  2. Super Mario Bros.
  3. Teenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesTournament Fighters
  4. Chip ‘n Dale: Rescue Rangers
  5. Blood Fight (The title screen is in Japanese so I can’t verify the name)
  6. Heavy Barrel
  7. 3 Eyes Story
  8. Ninja Gaiden 2
  9. Ninja Gaiden 3
  10. Silkworm
  11. Double Dragon 2
  12. Double Dragon 3
  13. Tengen’s Tetris (Title screen hacked to a plain ascii title screen that says “1993 Tetris Game”)
  14. Adventure Island
  15. The Goonies
  16. Grades (title screen removed)
  17. The Legend of Kage
  18. Chinese Chess (I’m not sure if this is the actual title because the title is in Japanese)
  19. World Cup (Hack of Soccer)
  20. 1942
  21. Tank A 1990 (Battle City Hack)
  22. F-1 Race
  23. Across (title is in Japanese so I can’t verify the name)
  24. Lie Ar Kung-Fu
  25. On the Road
  26. Circus Charlie
  27. Galaga
  28. Battletank
  29. Mario Bros. (Title screen replaced to say “Mr. Mary”)
  30. Lode Runner
  31. Lode Runner 2
  32. Dig Dug
  33. Five Chess (same as above, title screen is in Chinese and I can’t verify the name)
  34. Bomberman
  35. Pooyan
  36. Lunar Ball
  37. Ice Climber
  38. Ninja 2 (Again, Japanese title screen)
  39. City Connection
  40. Front Line
  41. Pinball
  42. Track & Field
  43. Mahjong 2p (Japanese title screen)
  44. Mahjong 4p (Japan title screen)
  45. Nuts & Milk
  46. Pizza Boy
  47. Donkey Kong
  48. Donkey Kong Jr.
  49. Donkey Kong 3
  50. Mappy
  51. Excitebike
  52. Ninja (Japanese title screen again)
  53. Devil World
  54. Popeye
  55. Pac-Man
  56. Exerion
  57. Wrestle (Japanese title screen)
  58. Sky Destroyer
  59. Balloon Fight
  60. Formation Z
  61. Othello
  62. Karateka
  63. Super Arabian
  64. Joust
  65. Galaxian
  66. Magic Jewelry (Unlicensed puzzle game similar to Columns)
  67. Bird Week
  68. Adventure Island (hacked to start on level 2)
  69. Adventure Island (hacked to start on level 3)
  70. Adventure Island (hacked to start on level 4)
  71. Adventure Island (hacked to start on level 5)
  72. Adventure Island (hacked to start on level 6)
  73. Adventure Island (hacked to start on level 7)
  74. Adventure Island (hacked to start on level 8)
  75. Tank B 1990 (Battle City Hack)
  76. Tank C 1990 (Battle City Hack)
  77. On the Road (hacked to start on level 2)
  78. On the Road (hacked to start on level 3)
  79. On the Road (hacked to start on level 4)
  80. Circus Charlie (hacked to start on level 2)
  81. Circus Charlie (hacked to start on level 3)
  82. Circus Charlie (hacked to start on level 4)
  83. Circus Charlie (hacked to start on level 5)
  84. Crypt Car (hack of Dig Dug where Dig Dig is replaced with a tank, and the bad guys have their sprites replaced. Some of them look like spinies from Mario.)
  85. Arakanoid
  86. Arakanoid (Starts on level 2 or something. I’m too lazy to check.)
  87. Arakanoid (I guess it starts on level 3?? Really guys I haven’t ever played Armakanoid before.)
  88. Galaxian (starts on level 2)
  89. Maze Tussle (Hack of the Japanese version of Pac-Man that modifies the music and lots of the graphics.)
  90. Tank D 1990 (Battle City Hack)
  91. Tank E 1990 (Battle City Hack)
  92. Bandits (Hack of Donkey Kong 3 that replaces the music and graphics. Stanley now is a cannon, for example)
  93. Colocotha (Hack of Bomberman that changes a lot of stuff)
  94. Botha (hack of pooyan? I think???)
  95. Super Mario Bros. (hacked to start on world 3-1)
  96. Batman
  97. Revolution (Yet another unverifiable Japanese title screen)
  98. Cuban (Repeat of the above game.)
  99. Street Fighter VI: 12 Peoples
  100. Spider-Man: Return of the Sinister Six
  101. Disney 1 (Japanese title screen)
  102. F-1 Hero
  103. Spartan X
  104. Armakanoid (They repeated it here)
  105. Aladdin III (Not the Hummer Team game. It’s a hack of Magic Carpet 1001.)
  106. CrossFire
  107. Angry Birds (I don’t think many people are going to notice this, out of the list of 152 games. Don’t worry, I’ll write about it in a little bit.)
  108. Plants Vs. Zombies (Whaaaaaat???? I’ll write about this in a minute too.)
  109. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Tournament Fighters. (It’s a repeat)
  110. Hot Blood (repeat of Blood Fight)
  111. Heavy Barrel (It’s a repeat. They have this game more than once on the multicart.)
  112. 3 Eyes Story (Yeah, they’ve started doing more repeats.)
  113. Ninja Gaiden 2 (Yup. Another repeat. I wonder how many more there are?)
  114. Doublee Dragon II (repeat)
  115. Double Dragon III (repeat)
  116. Silkworm (repeat)
  117. Disney 2 (repeat of that Disney 1 game)
  118. Aladdin 3 (starts on the wrong level and the title screen is removed.)
  119. Chip ‘N Dale 2: Rescue Rangers (Another repeat.)
  120. Super Mario Bros. (Hacked to have a moon jump cheat. It doesn’t always work, though.)
  121. Silkworm (repeat)
  122. F-1 Race (repeat)
  123. Chip N’ Dale 2: Rescue Rangers (repeat)
  124. Super Mario Bros. (Maybe hacked. I couldn’t find anything changed in the first level, though.)
  125. Silkworm (repeat)
  126. F-1 Race (repeat)
  127. Disney 3 (repeat of Disney 1)
  128. Super Mario Bros. (hacked to start on world 2-1)
  129. Chip ‘N Dale 2: Rescue Rangers (repeat)
  130. F-1 Race (repeat)
  131. Silkworm (repeat)
  132. Super Mario Bros. (hacked to start on world 3-1.)
  133. Disney 4 (repeat of Disney 1)
  134. Aladdin 3 (starts on the wrong level.)
  135. Super Mario Bros. (hacked to start on world 4-1)
  136. Silkworm (repeat)
  137. Disney 5 (repeat of disney 1)
  138. Aladdin 3 (starts on the wrong level)
  139. Chip ‘N Dale 2: Rescure Rangers (repeat)
  140. Silkworm (repeat)
  141. Super Mario Bros. (hacked to start on world 5-1)
  142. F-1 Race (repeat)
  143. Chip ‘N Dale 2: Rescue Rangers (repeat)
  144. Super Mario Bros. (hacked to start on world 6-1)
  145. Aladdin 3 (hacked to start on the wrong level)
  146. F-1 Race (repeat)
  147. Chip ‘N Dale 2: Rescue Rangers (repeat)
  148. Super Mario Bros. (hacked to start on world 7-1)
  149. Disney 6 (repeat of Disney 1)
  150. Super Mario Bros. (hacked to start on world 8-1)
  151. Chip ‘N Dale 2: Rescue Rangers (repeat)
  152. Silkworm (repeat)

MAN that took forever to type. I couldn’t find any lists to plagiarize on the internet, so I was forced to boot up every game individually and test it out.  GAAHHH!!! Hey viewers, next time I get a multicart, do me a favor and do all this work for me so that I can plagiarize you, please!!! AHHHH!!!!!

Moving on. In the multicart, it has a little image in the top right corner with a picture of the game you’re going to play. Pretty handy! Also, it has some pictures of vases and windows. Weird. Moving on again.

This thing has a ton of hacks and pirate games. My hands are really, really tired from typing that big long list, so I won’t write about all of them on this post. I will write about them in part 2 though. In this post, I’m going to write about the two most interesting games on here. Remember how the box said “iPhone PC Android Games”? Well. Here’s why. Here are the two games:



WHAAAAAAT!?!?!?!? Angry Birds and Plants Vs. Zombies on the FAMICOM!?!? That’s crazy!

Well, these aren’t just boring hacks of other games that replace the graphics with Angry Birds graphics, these are actual ports. Even crazier!

I’m going to start off with Angry Birds, since it’s the more disappointing one. You already saw the title screen, so I’m not going to put it here again. If you press start, you get this:

Then you go through the menus and pick the first level, as it’s the only one unlocked. Then you are shown the slingshot with the birds and the pigs’ fortress. Then you use up and down on the d-pad to pick one of 5 different angles to shoot the bird. With only 5 angles, and only one kind of bird, the normal red ones, this port is very easy, and very boring. It has some music in it, too, that is entirely original and not related to angry birds. I actually think the music, but everybody I’ve shown the game to absolutely hates the music. Oh well.





Moving on to the much more fun plants vs. zombies port. Before I go any further, I should warn you that this game has the exact same music that is generally considered to be terrible. Moving on.

When you press start, you get taken to the first round. You have your list of plantable plants at the top of the screen, and your sun counter at the top left, and the shovel at the top right. Just like the original game. It also has a cursor. Since the NES doesn’t have a mouse, the cursor is moved with the d-pad. You click by pressing A.


When you have enough sone, you click on a plant from the menu and then click the ground to put it there. This uses up sun, but the plant goes there. You can dig plants up by using the shovel. When sun appear, click on them and your sun counter will go up by 25. Zombies will come from the right of the screen, and you have to defeat them before they get to your house and eat your brains. If a zombie gets to a plant, then it will eat it if it isn’t killed in time. Sometimes the zombies have buckets or road cones on their heads that make them stronger. That’s basically it.


Here’s what the different plants do:

Peashooter It shoots peas across the screens and hurts the zombies.

Sunflower It makes more sun for you so that you can grow more plants. You should plant them on the left, since they can’t attack and they are important to get you more sun.

Repeater Same as the Peashooter, except that it fires peas twice as fast.

Wall-nut It doesn’t attack, but it takes a long time for the zombies to eat. It can be used to make a protective wall for your other plants.

Squash It stays in one place, and when a zombie gets close, the squash jumps in the air and squashes it. The squash is single-use, though. Keep that in mind.

Potato Mine It’s a potato, but it’s also a bomb. When a zombie gets close, it will blow up, destroying the zombie and itself. It’s single-use. Functionally, it’s identical to the squash. It’s cheaper, so you’ll basically never use the squash. In the original game, it took a minute for the potato mines to become active, which is why they cost less sun. They didn’t do that in this port, though.

That’s it for now, guys. Bye! I’ll write more later. Like I said, there are more bootleg games on this famiclone. I’ll write about those in part 2.

Part 2

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  1. Great review! Picked one up a month ago, and really dig it! Just wish I was confident enough in my hack abilities to fix the reversed action buttons! 🙂


  2. I’ll definitely buy one!


  3. I have 162 games and the last one is a weird game called blob man. I can’t find anything about the game except a few videos and the nes cartridge picture


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