What to do if your Power Joy’s battery cover breaks

Hey guys! What’s up? Today I’m going to talk about my Power Joy plug and play, which recently stopped working. Fortunately I was able to fix it! Here’s how I did that.


Basically, the the batteries go in the back, and they are held on by the battery cover. Some battery covers can just be taken off, and the device will keep working. That’s because those battery covers just cover up the battery, and the thing will keep working if the battery cover is taken off.

Unfortunately, the Power Joy doesn’t work that way. The way it works is the battery cover has some metal glued onto it, which connects the batteries together and makes the thing work. If you take out the battery cover, it won’t power on.


This is pretty unfortunate, since these battery covers are thin and made out of cheap plastic. Thin things made out of cheap plastic are prone to breaking, so I guess it’s not really a big surprise that a piece of my Power Joy’s battery cover broke off.


If that happens, you can’t use your Power Joy with batteries. I mean, Power Joys do have a connector where you can power your Power Joy from a wall outlet, but I don’t have one of those. What I do have though is some superglue, which was what I tried to use to reattach the piece of battery cover to the rest of it.

Unfortunately, it didn’t fit very well into the Power Joy anymore, and the piece broke back off again after a while.

What to do now? Well, all the battery cover really does electronics-wise is it connects the ends of the batteries with metal. I did a little testing and it turns out you can do the same thing with little pieces of tinfoil. So what I did is I glued tinfoil to a little piece of transparent plastic.


Unfortunately, the tinfoil just fell off after the glue dried, and even if I could keep it on, it turns out to be really tricky to hold the tinfoil in place with one hand and play the game with the other.

So then I came up with a plan that actually worked. I took the original battery cover and taped it on to the Power Joy.


It doesn’t look the best, but it works!


I’m starting to appreciate the much more sturdy “battery box” that the VsMaxx MaxxPlay famiclone uses.

That’s it for now, guys. Bye!

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