The Vs. Maxx™ Maxxplay, Part 2

Hey guys! Today I’m going to continue writing about the Vs. Maxx Maxxplay.



Last time I went over most of what the system looks like, what the controls are, and some of the games were. But I didn’t write about everything.

First off, I’m going the complain about the VERY poorly built cartridge slot on the back.


They shaped it so that most cartridges won’t even fit. If you have an official cartridge, then it’s not going to fit. It’s just going to fall out. Most of my pirate cartridges won’t fit into it either. I was only able to get four of my cartridges to run in it:


It’s SUPER ANNOYING. So for the most part, you’ll be stuck playing just the games built into the system. I mean, you could play hundreds of games using those multicarts that work, but still.

[UPDATE] I actually made a mistake there, actually I wasn’t able to get the 198-in-1 multicart to run. Just ignore that cartridge and pretend I said 3 games.

The built-in multicart has a bunch of hacks, mostly made by a developer called Inventor. (Inventor also happens to be the same company that made Pandamar). I went over some of them last time, but I didn’t go over all of them, so I’ll write about more of them now.

First off is Future Copter.



It’s a hack of Battle City where all the music and levels are changed. Also all the tanks are replaced with helicopters. I suspect that it was made by Yanshan Software, the same company that made some other similar Battle City hacks, but I don’t know for sure.

The next hack is called FrogLand.


What’s that?? An ant? I though this was called Frog Land!


Oh, I see now. Yeah, this is a hack of Donkey Kong 3 where most of the graphics are changed, Stanley the bugman is replaced with a frog, and Donkey Kong is replaced with a giant ant.

Moving on, we have Flip Out.



It’s a hack of Pinball, where everything is replaced with elves, jellyfish, kittens in eggs, turtles, etc. Weird.

Next off is Rescue.



It’s a hack of Donkey Kong Jr. All the graphics and stuff are changed and now it looks like this. Donkey Kong is replaced with a monkey wearing a red hat, Mario is replaced with a weird blue guy, and Donkey Kong Jr. is replaced with a guy wearing a mask.

Next is UFO shoot.


That’s weird. The menu select screen said “UFO Shoot” and the title screen says “UFO Shoot.” But anyway, it’s a hack of Duck Hunt where you shoot UFOs.



I’ll write about more of these hacks in part 3. That’s it for now, though. Bye!

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Part 3

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