The Vs. Maxx™ Maxxplay, Part 1

Hey guys! I’ve gone and got a third famiclone: The Vs. Maxx™ Maxxplay.


I actually got a super good deal on it, too! It was just $8. The seller thought it was just a replacement controller, and they didn’t know what it went to.

They were wrong.

It’s ACTUALLY a plug-and-play. Yup! Another plug-and-play. Very similar to the Power Joy.


Yeah, I don’t know if the Maxxplay was copying the Power Joy or if the Power Joy was copying the Maxxplay. There are actually a ton of N64 controller-shaped famiclones, and I don’t know which one came first. MOVING ON.

It was published by a company called JungleTac, who also published several other plug-and-play systems.


Before we turn it on, let’s look at some of the details of the system. The button layout is basically exactly the same as the Power Joy, including the fully-functional joystick and light gun trigger that’s on the back:



It has a slot for a player 2 controller and cartridge slot (which isn’t very good, but more on that in part 2). The thing runs on 4 AAA batteries, just like the Power Joy does. But it’s a little different. The Power Joy let you just put in the batteries and attach the battery cover. But the way the Maxxplay works is you have to put the batteries in the “battery box,” and then put the battery box into the Maxxplay. It pops right out from the back, where the memory card/rumble pack would go on an actual N64 controller:


So let’s take a closer look at the battery pack:


To put in the batteries, you have to undo two tiny screws and then pop off the cover:


Then you have to put it back into the Maxxplay and it will run fine. But be careful the batteries you use aren’t dead. When I first did this, I thought it was broken, but the batteries were just dead. Then I had to take out the battery box, unscrew it, find four AAA batteries put them in, screw the battery box back together, put it in the Maxxplay, and then it would work. That’s a lot more work than replacing batteries on the Power Joy, but moving on.

[UPDATE] On the other hand, it’s a lot better than the very prone to breaking battery cover of the Power Joy.

Now let’s turn it on. The AV cables are hardwired, so you don’t have to go find any. When you turn it on, you’ll get this:


And when you press start, you’ll get this:


And when you press start again, you get this:


Yup. It’s got a built in multicart.

I haven’t played everything on it, so I can’t tell you what all the games are. But I can plagiarize some guy on the internet to get a list of the games. (I have corrected some mistakes they made.) Here it is:

MaxxPlay Title — Original Title
Fun Click — Bejewled like Game — Hack of Picaclick
Box World — Box/Warehouse style puzzle game — Boxxle Clone?
UFO Race — Famicom F1 hack
Obstacle Race — Zippy Race pirate
Boat Race — Road Fighter Hack
Cowboy — Wild Gunman hack
Forest Guard — Hogan’s Alley hack
Space 2050 — Duck Hunt hack
UFO SHoot — Duck Hunt hack
Snowfield Shoot — Duck Hunt hack
Aether Tiger — 1942 hack
Archery — Pooyan hack
Zero Gravity — Balloon Fight
Super Elf — Circus Charlie Hack, although the main char looks familiar
Baseball — NES Baseball hack
Future Copter — Battle City Hack
Diamond — Arkanoid hack
Matching — Card matching game, unknown if original or hack
Tennis — NES Tennis Hack
Gold Digger — Main Character resymbols Kirby, otherwise unknown.
Mars Man — Binary Land hack.
Mars — Hack of Star Force
Bomb — DOS Minesweeper
Tunny — Hack of SonSon
Spar — Urban Champion hack
Strange Pop Pop — Bubble Tetris
Soccer — NES Soccer hack
Clonk — Adventure Island hack
Egg it — Pacman Hack
High Jump — Gold Medal Challenge ’92
Long Jump — Gold Medal Challenge ’92
Triple Jump — Gold Medal Challenge ’92
Shot Put — Gold Medal Challenge ’92
Discus Put — Gold Medal Challenge ’92
Javelin Throw — Gold Medal Challenge ’92
Shooting — Gold Medal Challenge ’92
Target Practice — Gold Medal Challenge ’92
100 Meter Dash — Gold Medal Challenge ’92
100 Meter Hurdles — Gold Medal Challenge ’92
Witch Run — Aladdin 3
Ballistic Mayhem — Mach Rider
Planetary Pool — Lunar Pool hack
Helicopter Harry — Raid on Bungeling Bay hack
Fly By — Hack of Exerion
Snack Attack — Hack of Nuts & Milk
Bomb Drop — Chack n Pop hack
Cloud Fire — Twinbee hack.
Dragon — Dragon
Top Shot — Galaga Hack
Warrior Chase — Ninja Jajamaru Kun hack
Defiance — Hack of Ninja Hattori-Kun
Thinker — Othello Hack
Down Deep — Dig Dug hack
Climbing Club — Ice Climber Hack
Ultimate Choice —
Bird Brain — Bird Week hack
Burger Build — Burger Time hack
Propeller — Hack of Sky Destroyer
Need for Speed — Spy Hunter hack
Zig Zag — Road Fighter hack
Bumpity Bop — Bump n Jump hack
In and Out Racer — Zippy Racing hack
Monster Dash — Brush Roller hack
Street Frenzy — City Connection hack
Neighborhood Smash — Karate hack
Extreme Racer — Excitebike hack
Hovercraft — Hack of Magmax
Enemy Assault — Hack of Choujikuu Yousai Macross
Flip Out — Pinball hack
Championship Golf — NES Golf hack
Right Move — Othello style
Fish Fight — Clu Clu Land hack
What’s Up — Donkey Kong hack
Rescue — Donkey Kong hack
Frogland — Donkey Kong hack
Jump and Journey — Mario Bros. hack
Saucer Wars — Hack of Field Combat
Make well — Dr. Mario hack
Depths of Space — Hack of Star Gate
Convert Soldier — Formation Z hack
Seascape — Sqoon hack
Swirl — Millipede hack
Break Out — Mappy hack
Soaring Warrior — Joust hack
Warrior Tales — Kung Fu hack
Championship wrestling — MUSCLE hack
Let Loose — Popeye hack
Jungle Trial — Spelunker hack
Arctic Hunt — Spelunker hack
Warship — Galaxian hack
Village Protector — Space Invaders hack
Abacus — Tetris style game
Underworld — Devil world hack
Championship Football — 10 Yard Fight hack
World Championship Badminton — Badminton hack

There’s some interesting stuff on this multicart, so let’s go over some of it.

First off, there’s Funclick. Remember Pokémon 4-in-1? Well, if you don’t, you might want to go to that link and read about it, but the important part is that one of the games on that 4-in-1 was a pirate original called Picaclick, which was similar to SameGame (I haven’t played SameGame, but some other people on the internet say its pretty much the same). Some company hacked that game and called it Funclick. At the time I didn’t have Funclick, so I couldn’t write about it. But I have it now! Now you can see it.



Yeah, the main thing changed is that Pikachu is replaced with whoever that guy on the title screen is supposed to be. In some of his animations, he’s juggling, so I guess he’s a juggler. All the items on the screen are also changed.

That’s basically it, except for one thing. Originally in Picaclick, if you got any score below your high score it told you so and gave you some unhappy music. In Funclick, they replaced the unhappy music with the title screen music, presumably to make the game more “fun.”

There’s also some NiceCode games, and some hacks. Some of the hacks are kinda weird. Here’s some of them.

First off is Egg It.


Egg It is a hack of Pac-Man where you are a red turtle that goes around the screen laying eggs. The ghosts have been replaced with something, too. You win the round when all of the maze is filled up with eggs.



Yeah, that’s pretty weird. Moving on.

The next game is Break Out.


But no, this isn’t actually Breakout. It’s a hack of Mappy. They changed all the graphics and the most of the music.


Other than that, everything seems to be the same.

On to the next hack, Down Deep.


It’s a hack of Dig Dug. All the graphics and music seem to be changed. The theme when you start the game is replaced with the Galaga theme song, so maybe the other music is stolen, too.


There’s also some hacks of Donkey Kong. The first one is called “What’s Up.”


They’ve changed a lot of the music and graphics, and it starts on level 2.


There’s a lot more, but right now it’s 8:40 PM so I’ll end this post and write about the other games in future posts.

That’s it for now, guys. I’ll write more later in Part 2.

Oh, also! I’ve bought a player 2 controller from the same seller, but it hasn’t come in the mail yet. I’ll write about it when it does.

Part 2
Part 3

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  1. A bit of help 🙂

    Mars – Hack of Star Force
    Tunny – Hack of SonSon
    Fly By – Hack of Exerion
    Snack Attack – Hack of Nuts & Milk
    Propeller – Hack of Sky Destroyer
    Depths Of Space – Hack of Star Gate
    Saucer Wars – Hack of Field Combat
    Enemy Assault – Hack of Choujikuu Yousai Macross
    Hovercraft – Hack of Magmax
    Defiance – Hack of Ninja Hattori-Kun

    Liked by 1 person

  2. technoturnovers

     /  February 8, 2016

    Nice post, I’ve always found these famiclones interesting because they all have different gimmicks. Plus, some of the sprite hacks and title changes are funny (What’s Up being my favorite this particular famiclone) Looking forward to new posts!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Christine Hobbs

     /  November 1, 2017

    I want to buy vsMaxx Maxxplay 95 game. .were can I get hold of one please


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