Pandamar changed graphics

Hi guys! Remember Pandamar? That hack of Super Mario Bros where Mario’s a panda? Well they changed a lot of other graphics too.

After noticing that a hack of Pandamar, Pka Chu, had the message for when you complete a castle changed. I wondered if it was changed in Pandamar, too, so I looked into it. And since I’m making a post about that, I figured I’d just go ahead and get some pictures of a lot of the graphical changes.

Here’s the title screen of Pandamar:


Here’s a close-up of Pandamar’s sprite:


Here’s a picture showing what goombas, bushes, ? blocks, bricks, the ground, and clouds look like now.


Here’s a picture showing what pipes and mushrooms look like now:IMG_4802When Pandamar gets a mushroom potion, he gets bigger:


Here’s what 1-up mushrooms look like:


Here’s what fire flowers look like:


And if he gets it, his clothes will turn green and he can shoot fireballs:


And when you get to bowser, he look like this now:


And when you beat him, this is what happens:


Yeah, there’s a LOT more changes, but I’ll write about them later.

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