Pocket Monster debug mode??

Hey everybody!!

The other day I was playing Pocket Monster on my 400-in-1 multicart, and I paused the game, and it turns out that when you pause the game, all the bad guys and stuff keep moving across the screen, while your character stays in place. Well, that’s kinda weird, but what do you expect from a pirate game?

Well guess what? That’s not all! You can move your character around the screen with the D-pad, in the air, through the walls, and everything! And then you can unpause the game at any point and Pikachu will show up there. Weird, huh?

You can basically just use this to cheat through all the levels, but that’s cheating, and you shouldn’t do it.

Yeah, I dunno why Super Game didn’t even bother to take out the debug mode, but it’s still there. If you wanna cheat at Pocket Monster, now’s your chance.

Here’s a video:

That’s it for now. Bye guys!!

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  1. Yes, it’s a debug mode which enabled in the game. This game is made by Super Game in unknown year (1996-1997 perhaps), not NiceCode.



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