“Educational” Function 9,999,999-in-1

Hi everyone! Like a month ago I bought this multicart, but it took a month to come in the mail! But it’s here now, so now you can read about it.

First off, here’s the cartridge:


It’s shaped kinda like a Nintendo 64 cartridge.


The label is the same size as an N64 cartridge label, even though it doesnt really fit very well on the cartridge.

Before anybody asks about it I’m gonna say that the bottom right of the cartridge was NOT broken by me. It was broken by a previous owner of this cartridge. But to be fair to the previous owner, the publisher of this game made it out of pretty cheapo plastic. But to be fair to the publisher, they were making knockoff games, and you can make more money off of a knockoff by making it out of cheapo plastic. MOVING ON.

Here’s what’s on the label, in case you can’t read that low-quality printing label that this cart has:

•The word “function”
•A cat teacher or something teaching addition at a blackboard
•A picture of the letters ABC and a bunch of basic arithmetic symbols
•A picture of a CRT TV saying “Study English”
•A picture of this cat character guy

Yeah I don’t know who this cat with a hat is supposed to be, but I’ve seen him on the labels for a bunch of educational keyboard famiclones that are mostly supposed to help you learn English. You guys aren’t going to get any use out of that though, since you already know how to read English. Judging by the label, this seems to be something like one of those educational computer things.

But never judge a book bootleg knockoff game cart by it’s cover. They are very, very, VERY unreliable. Would you have guessed by the cover that this game:


1999 6-in-1 Multicart

that it has Tetris on it? No? Well would you have guessed that our “educational” game cartridge we have here isn’t educational at all, it’s a MULTICART!?!?

Well, yeah, you probably already knew that, due to the name of this blog post, but whatever, let’s put this thing in my famiclone and see what it does:


Yeah it’s a multicart all right. It’s got some (probably stolen) music, a list of games, an elephant with a blue face, and a circus tent. And like it says, the game menu goes all the way up to 9,999,999:


But it actually has nowhere close to 9,999,999 games on it. It actually just has 6. Most of them are repeats. Here they are:

  • Pika (I’ll get to that in a minute)
  • Battle City
  • Track and Field
  • Duck Hunt
  • Galaxian
  • Circus Charlie

But what about that game called Clay Shooting? That’s Duck Hunt except it automatically starts out in the Clay Shooting mode. What about High Jump, 100M Meter, Javeling throw, etc.? Those are just different modes of Track and Field.

Well, that’s dumb. But in all of this, there’s one thing that’s kind of interesting: That game called Pika. What’s that? Let’s pick that game and see what happens:


Pka Chu. Somebody spelled Pikachu wrong. Anyway, this is clearly a hack of Super Mario Bros.

First off, this isn’t just a hack of Super Mario Bros. It’s a hack of a hack of a hack of Super Mario Bros.

Yeah, here’s how this all went. First off, one company hacked Super Mario Bros. to change the title screen to look like this:


Hacked Super Mario Bros. Title Screen

They also made it so that the score, instead of saying “Mario” above it, now says “Score,” to avoid copyright problems. Some of the music was also corrupted.

Then later some other company hacked that hack to make Mario into a panda, and they changed most of the rest of the graphics graphics. They also instead of corrupting the music replaced it with a bunch of original music.


And then some other company hacked that to make Pka Chu. Let’s go over some of the changes:

First off (other than the title screen) is that you start off as a Pokéball with legs, as you can see in the picture of the title screen. If you get a mushroom (now replaced with a potion) you will come out of the Pokéball and be a Pikachu:


And also, when you get a fire flower (which is replaced with some other weird graphics I can’t tell what are) you can shoot blue electricity fireballs:


They also made the coins look like this:


And Bowser looks like this:


And when you beat him, you get this:


What is it? This name keeps changing! Pika, then Pka Chu, and now Pi Ka. There are some other graphical changes, too.

Maybe there’s some changed text after you beat Bowser in Pandamar, too. I’ll have to check later.

Anyway, that’s it for now, guys. Bye! I’ll write more later.


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