FamicloneBlog is proud to present two boxed famiclone games, featuring Hummer Team, Aladdin, and that stupid dog.

Hey guys! I got a couple boxed famiclone games. They just came in the mail a couple days ago, so here they are:


The first one is Aladino 3, which is Aladdin 3 in Spanish, and the other one is Caceria de Patos, which means Duck Hunt in Spanish.

The boxes for both of these are the exact same box, except they have stickers saying the name of the game. The artwork and label saying the name of the game are both stickers.

Let’s look at what the box says, other than the labels. Well, here’s some translations of the stuff on the box (thanks Google Translate):

“Version Asia (60 Pines)” -> “Version Asia (60 Pin)”

“Para Jugar Con Nintendo Entertainment System” -> “To play with Nintendo Entertainment System”

“El Mejor Juego de T.V.” -> “The best TV game.”

Now let’s zoom in on the fake Nintendo Seal of Quality:


“Este sello es su segurioad que Nintendo a evaluado y aprobado la calidad de este producto” -> “This seal is your assurance that Nintendo has reviewed and approved the quality of this product.”

I’m pretty sure nintendo never actually saw or approved this product, but moving on, the left and right sides of the box both look like this:


“Ensamblado en Venezuela.” -> “Assembled in Venezuela.”

And here’s the back of the box:


It’s got a bunch of screenshots of different games, and it says “Nintendo Entertainment System®.”

The top and bottom of the box both look like this:


Well, that’s it for what the boxes look like. I should probably mention that these aren’t the original boxes, though. Some company in Venezuela got ahold of some cartridges from Taiwan and put their own boxes on them. But anyway, here are the cartridges (there isn’t anything else in the box):

These are FAMICOM games! Not Nintendo Entertainment System games!! NES games look WAAYYY different! But whatever, I don’t have anything that will play NES games anyway, so it’s a good thing that these are Famicom games.

The artwork for both of these are identical to the labels on the box. The Venezuelan game publisher made copies of these labels and stuck them on the box. They also put some top labels on the cartridges:


Which are the same labels that the publisher put on the boxes. Anyway, I’m going to start out by talking about the Duck Hunt cartridge:


If you look carefully at the bottom right of the label, you’ll see “©Nintendo 1984 MADE IN JAPAN.” The company that made this Duck Hunt game claim to be Nintendo. But they’re lying. This cartridge was actually published by a company called Whirlwind Manu, who published several pirate famicom games. The game on the cartridge is exactly the same as on official Duck Hunt games, but I don’t have any light guns at the time of writing, so I can’t actually play this game.


Stupid dog.

Moving on to the next game, Aladdin III:


This game is an unlicensed port of the SNES Aladdin game to the Famicom. It was developed by Hummer Team, which was the same developer that made Somari (the game engine for Aladdin III is based off of the game engine for Somari).

My copy of the game was published by the JY Company, who was the original publisher for some of Hummer Team’s games. Here’s the title screen:


I will get a video of some gameplay at some point, but not right now. Sorry, guys. If you want, you could probably go and find some gameplay on YouTube or somewhere else.

Well, that’s it for now, guys. Bye!



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  1. such a shame you sold that aladdin game. i would’ve gladly bought it off you if i had money and knew just how to do the deed online.
    did you get it off ebay, a forum, or some other website?


    • I got it on eBay. I now have another copy of the game (although it is a different variant). It’s not for sale though, unless you have some other Famicom bootlegs you lcan trade for it. If you don’t want to trade, you may find a copy on eBay.


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