Mad Xmas – A Christmas Special on New Year’s Day!

Hey guys, I forgot to do a Christmas special, so I’m making it a New Year’s Day! But I actually forgot about that, and I’m making it on New Year’s Night. Yeah sorry about that but I’m writing about it before midnight, so whatever.

Anyway, my Christmas special is about a NiceCode game called Mad Xmas.

I understand that NiceCode isn’t the greatest pirate game developer. I know that there are other cartridges that would have been better for a New Year special. But I don’t have any of them. Mad Xmas is my only winter holiday themed pirate game. Maybe I’ll have something better next year, but no promises.

Here’s a the title screen of Mad Xmas:


Here’s how Mad Xmas works: Santa is apparently throwing a tantrum, and he’s sitting up in a cloud(??) throwing a bunch of stuff down onto earth, including all of the presents! You’re an elf, and you have to catch all of the wrapped presents, roller skates, candy canes, hard candies, and more. But what else is he throwing down? Oh, nothing. Just LIGHTNING BOLTS AND DEMONS AND BOMBS!!!(???). Is this really Santa, or is it some evil Santa imposter who’s trying to destroy the Earth? I don’t know, but if you collect some of these then you either lose some points or you lose a life. THANKS A LOT, SANTA.

Anyway, here’s some gameplay. (Sorry for the bad quality, but I’m not going to record another video right now because it’s 9:20 PM)

(In the off chance that you are watching this video a couple minutes after I upload this post, you might not see the video since YouTube is still processing it).

I hope you liked this Christmas/New Year special, and I’m sorry if you didn’t. If you want to play this game, it’s included on the CoolBoy 400-in-1 multicart, so if you want to play this, that’s one of your best options.

That’s it for now, guys. Bye!!! Happy New Year! Also Merry Christmas!

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