I got a bunch of games and they all look like this.

Hey guys, guess what I bought!!

Spoiler alert, I bought this:


That’s right. I bought a bunch of game boards. Hey, they were just $15 altogether. How bad could it be? The seller said they were all pirates, so I figured that it would be good for my website. Now, the seller said what all the games are, but I’m just going to pretend to be surprised at what they are.

Alright, first off, let’s put this guy in my famiclone and see what happens.


Well, it’s got a bunch of glitched up graphics and some non-messed-up music.


Wait a second, that’s the music from Pokémon 4-in-1! This cartridge is Pokémon 4-in-1 with messed up graphics. Yeah, some famiclone companies make their cartridges with compressed graphics, which the original famicom hardware doesn’t support. My famiclone uses all the same computer chips as a normal Famicom, so it doesn’t do video compression either. So this Pokémon 4-in-1 board isn’t going to be of any use to me unless I get another famiclone. On to the next board:


This one does this when you turn it on:


Yeah, this one has glitched up graphics too. Is it like that for all of them?

Mostly, yeah. These four use glitched up compressed graphics:


The seller didn’t mention that any of them used compressed graphics. But I don’t really care, eventually I’ll get another famiclone that will run these games. [UPDATE] I got a famiclone that will run them! You can read about it here.

But there are still 3 left. Let’s try this one:


It turns out that it’s Tecmo World Cup Soccer.


Alright, now on to the two most interesting of all these seven game boards. These are two pirate original (that just means that they were programmed from scratch by pirate game developers) games. They were developed and published in Russia by a company called A.Chudov. One of them is a multicart featuring two puzzle games. One called Balda and one called Pyatnashki What’s extremely annoying though, is that my copy crashes and restarts as soon as it gets to the level select screen. It has a title screen (yes, the multicart has a title screen) though, so I can give you a picture.


Like I said, it gets to the level select screen for like half a second before crashing and restarting, but I was able to get a picture with just the right timing to see the level select. Here it is:


The seller says “first game similar to scrabble, the second is the 15-puzzle,” but I can’t prove it since my copy keeps crashing.

Anyway, here’s the second game. It actually boots up and plays! It’s a Russian text editor. The problem is though, it requires you go through a bunch of menus in order to pick the letter you want, and anyway the whole thing is pointless for me because I can’t speak Russian.

Here’s the title screen:


And here’s a picture of some gameplay text editing:


It’s pretty interesting to have a sort of word processor on the Famicom, but again I don’t speak Russian and can’t get much use out of it.

That’s it for now, guys. Bye!!

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  1. You’ve actually messed up everything about the last two boards. The first one (the not booting one) is a text editor, and the start menu has 2 options: the first is text editing itself and the second is printer test. I am not sure exactly which kind of console this was intended to be used on, but as far as I know, there was a version of original Famicom with a full PC-like keyboard and a printer connection port, so maybe the first SUBOR Chinese clones produced during early 1990s had that printer port too? I own another similar clone with a keyboard myself, but mine supports only mouse, so I am not sure.

    The second board has “Balda” game, and this is the one similar to Scrabble – you need to add one letter during your turn and make a new word using the added letter and letters from the initial word present on the game board. You take turns with another player, and the one who will compose longer words gets more points, with the player who collected more points winning the game.

    Also A.Chudov is not a company but a single person, whose full name is Alexander Chudov. He is mostly famous for creating the Famicom bootleg version of the popular Russian game TV show, “Pole chudes” (“The field of miracles”.


    • Not surprised I got a lot of things wrong, I was 13 when I wrote this lol. Anyway thanks for the information, that’s pretty interesting.



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