Street Fighter VI: 12 Peoples

Alright guys, today I’m going to show you a game called Street Fighter VI: 12 Peoples on the Famicom. Here’s the title screen:


The thing is though, there aren’t any official Street Fighter games on the famicom! I mean, there was 2010 Street Fighter, but that was a spinoff game and doesn’t count. THIS game I’m writing about is a bootleg Street Fighter game.

As the name suggests, you have 12 characters to choose from (although half of the characters are just palette swaps of the other characters). After you pick your character, you fight a bunch of other characters, and if you are better at this game than I am, you will beat them and complete the game. Here’s the list of characters you can be (not counting the palette swaps):

•E. Honda
•Chun Li

They probably should have called it 6 peoples but whatever, they wanted to sell more copies of the game, and I guess 12 peoples would sell better than 6 peoples. Whatever, moving on.

Here’s some gameplay. (It’s not much. It’s just me losing against Ryu for 6 minutes in a row. I’m too lazy to learn combo moves. :P)

Do you want to play this game? Well, you can find it on some multicarts and single carts, and depending on which one you get it could take longer. One good way to play this game is to get this pretty common 198-in-1 multicart. And if you can’t find any of that stuff, it’s fine. There are a LOT of bootleg Street Fighter knockoffs on the Famicom (including one where all the fighters are the characters from Super Mario Kart) and you’ll probably be able to find at least one.

That’s it for now guys. Bye!

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