Trying to Contact a Famiclone Company, Part 3

Alright guys, New Game responded to my email about whether or not they do shipping to the United States. You can skip to the bottom of this post to see what they said, but right now I’m going to give a summary of what the other famiclone companies did:

NiceCode Software
Their website isn’t up anymore.

Shenzen Nanjing Technology
Their website isn’t up anymore either.

Trump Grand Manufacturing
Their website says they have an email, but the email they say to contact them with isn’t up, and anything you send to them that way won’t get received.

They have a website, and an email, and you can send stuff to that email, but after 8 days, they still haven’t responded. (UPDATE: They still haven’t responded for like three months)

Super Game
They responded in five hours. I asked if they do shipping to the United States, and they said “Hello. Only ships to Russia.”

Alright, so out of the three famiclone companies I emailed, only one responded.

That basically concludes this thing about trying to contact a famiclone company, and unless NTDEC replies to my email later, there probably won’t be a part 4 of this.

That’s it for now. Bye!

UPDATE: I should probably also mention that there are two famiclone companies called Super Game. The one I sent an email to  is a publisher, and the other one is a developer.

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