Trying to Contact a Famiclone Company, Part 2

Alright guys, it’s been a week, and NTDEC hasn’t responded to my email about whether or not they make famiclones anymore. I’ll post here if they reply later, but for now I’m just going to assume they aren’t replying. I’ll try and see if I can contact any other famiclone companies.

I looked around, and the next famiclone company I found that still exists is a Russian company called New Game, and they publish famiclone stuff. Their website,, is still up, and it has an email. Hmm. What should we ask them? I’ve got an idea. What if we ask them if they do shipping to the United States? I couldn’t see anything about that on their website. Alright, let’s send that to them. OK, that got sent, and I’ll write here if they reply.

That’s it for now. Bye guys!

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