CoolBoy 198-in-1 Real Game

Alright guys, here’s a cartridge I have called CoolBoy 198-in-1 Real Game.



Sounds and looks a lot like that CoolBoy 400-in-1 Real Game cart, right? That’s because it is. They were made by the same company, and they both look very similar, including the typos on the back of the cartridge. (I’m getting tired of typing those same typos over and over again, so you can look at my post on the 400-in-1 cartridge to see them.)


Also, if you look at the game selection screen you’ll see it’s similar there too.

Part 1

Again, similar to the 400-in-1, there are two versions of the cartridge. One version has more games than it says it does, and the other doesn’t. Fortunately, my copy has the extra games.

Here’s the game list:

  1. Contra (12-in-1 Menu, US version)
  2. Super Contra (24-in-1 Menu, JP version of Super C)
  3. Contra Force
  4. Super Contra 6 (Contra Force hack)
  5. Super Contra 7 [Pirate Original]
  6. Super Contra 8 (Super Contra 7 hack) [Pirate Original]
  7. Kage (JP version of Shadow of the Ninja/Blue Shadow)
  8. Final Mission (JP version of S.C.A.T./Action in New York)
  9. Double Dragon (JP version)
  10. Double Dragon 2 (US version)
  11. Double Dragon 3 (US version)
  12. Target Renegade (title hack, says Double Dragon 4, US version)
  13. Chip to Dale no Daisakusen (JP version of Chip’n Dale Rescue Rangers)
  14. Chip to Dale no Daisakusen 2 (JP version of Chip’n Dale Rescue Rangers 2)
  15. Chip and Dale 3 (Heavy Barrel hack)
  16. Robocop (US version)
  17. Robocop 2 (US version)
  18. Tokkyuu Shirei Solbrain (JP version of Shatterhand, corrupted version)
  19. Robocop 3 (title hack, says Robocop 4)
  20. Tiny Toon Adventures (US version)
  21. Tiny Toon Adventures 2 (US version)
  22. Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle (title hack, says Tiny Toon 3 Crazy Castle)
  23. Shadow Warriors (EU version of Ninja Gaiden, corrupted version)
  24. Ninja Gaiden II: The Dark Sword of Chaos (US version)
  25. Ninja Gaiden III: The Ancient Ship of Doom (US version)
  26. Nekketsu Kakutō Densetsu
  27. Downtown Nekketsu Monogatari (JP version of River City Ransom)
  28. Nekketsu Kōkō Dodgeball Bu Soccer Hen (JP version of Nintendo World Cup)
  29. Downtown Nekketsu Kōshin Kyoku: Soreyuke Dai Undōkai
  30. Takahashi Meijin no Bouken Jima (JP version of Adventure Island)
  31. Adventure Island 2 (US version)
  32. Adventure Island 3 (US version)
  33. Takahashi Meijin no Bouken Jima IV
  34. Gekikame Ninja Den (JP version of TMNT, pirate version that has level select cheat)
  35. TMNT: Tournament Fighters (US version)
  36. Street Fighter 2010 (US version)
  37. Kick Master (US version)
  38. Mighty Final Fight (US version)
  39. Street Fighter 12 Peoples [Pirate Original]
  40. Mortal Kombat 4 [Pirate Original]
  41. Astyanax (US version)
  42. Mitsume ga Tooru
  43. Snow Bros. (US version)
  44. Spiderman: Return of the Sinister Six (Cut-down version)
  45. Batman (US Prototype)
  46. Kyuukyoku Tiger (JP version of Twin Cobra)
  47. Kyoryu Sentai Zyuuranger
  48. Silk Worm (US version)
  49. Bubble Bobble 2 (JP version, 1-player only, 20 lives)
  50. Darkwing Duck (US version)
  51. Kero Kero Keroppi no Daibouken
  52. Super Arabian
  53. Guevara (JP version of Guerilla War)
  54. Ningen Heiki – Dead Fox (JP version of Code Name: Viper)
  55. Power Blade (US version)
  56. Zippy Race
  57. Lunar Ball (JP version of Lunar Pool)
  58. Galaxian
  59. Mahjong
  60. Tengen Tetris
  61. Hon Shougi Naitou 9 Dan Shougi Hiden
  62. Tank 1990 (Battle City hack, Mode A only)
  63. F-1 Race
  64. Chinese Chess
  65. Soccer
  66. Lode Runner (US version)
  67. Circus Charlie
  68. Choujikuu Yousai: Macross (title screen removed)
  69. Super Mario Bros. (EU version)
  70. Excitebike
  71. Mach Rider
  72. Arkanoid
  73. Legend of Kage (US version)
  74. Dr. Mario
  75. Tennis
  76. Star Force (title screen replaced with the plain text)
  77. 1942 (glitchy text)
  78. Pinball
  79. Sky Destroyer
  80. Popeye
  81. Mighty Bomb Jack (JP version)
  82. Road Fighter (JP version)
  83. Muscle (US version)
  84. Galaga
  85. Aladdin 3 (Magic Carpet 1001 hack)
  86. Ice Climber (JP version)
  87. Bomberman (JP version)
  88. Mappy
  89. Harry Potter 1001 (Magic Carpet 1001 hack)
  90. TwinBee
  91. Spartan X (JP version of Kung Fu, glitchy life bar)
  92. Pika Chu [NiceCode]
  93. Gradius
  94. Donkey Kong
  95. Donkey Kong Jr.
  96. Donkey Kong 3
  97. Donkey Kong Jr. Math (US version)
  98. Aquarium [NiceCode]
  99. Arena [NiceCode]
  100. Air Alert [NiceCode]
  101. Awful Rushing [NiceCode]
  102. Aimless [NiceCode]
  103. Burbles [NiceCode]
  104. Burrow Explorer [NiceCode]
  105. Bug’s War [NiceCode]
  106. Bomb King [NiceCode]
  107. Baseball New [NiceCode]
  108. Bubble [NiceCode]
  109. Cannonade [NiceCode]
  110. Hitmouse [NiceCode]
  111. Coast Guard [NiceCode]
  112. Cub Adventure [NiceCode]
  113. Depth Bomb [NiceCode]
  114. Devildom Doom [NiceCode]
  115. Diamond [NiceCode]
  116. Dune War [NiceCode]
  117. Firebase [NiceCode]
  118. First Defender [NiceCode]
  119. Five Days [NiceCode]
  120. Frantic Mouse [NiceCode]
  121. Fruit Dish [NiceCode]
  122. Gallagant [NiceCode]
  123. Garden War [NiceCode]
  124. Gate [NiceCode]
  125. Hallihod [NiceCode]
  126. Hexapod New [NiceCode]
  127. Hexapod War [NiceCode]
  128. Labyrinth [NiceCode]
  129. Lunarian [NiceCode]
  130. Mad Xmas [NiceCode]
  131. Motoboat [NiceCode]
  132. Panzer Attack [NiceCode]
  133. Pobble [NiceCode]
  134. Polar Bat [NiceCode]
  135. Ruralgoblin [NiceCode]
  136. Robot [NiceCode]
  137. Season Garden [NiceCode]
  138. Shrew Mouse [NiceCode]
  139. Snowball [NiceCode]
  140. Star Fighter [NiceCode]
  141. Strafe [NiceCode]
  142. Small Dinosaur [NiceCode]
  143. Silent Hunter [NiceCode]
  144. The Archer [NiceCode]
  145. Twin Cards [NiceCode]
  146. Undersea Arena [NiceCode]
  147. Warrior [NiceCode]
  148. Abscondee [NiceCode]
  149. Aether Cruiser [NiceCode]
  150. Aim Cruise [NiceCode]
  151. P.O.W. Prisoners of War (US version)
  152. Jungle Book (US version)
  153. Abarenbou Tengu (JP version of Zombie Nation)
  154. Zoom [NiceCode]
  155. Tom & Jerry (US version)
  156. Air Wolf (JP version)
  157. Alien 3 (US version)
  158. Super Spy Hunter (US version)
  159. Superman (US version)
  160. Sword Master (US version)
  161. Taito Basketball (JP version)
  162. All-Pro Basketball (US version, glitchy title screen music)
  163. Summer Carnival ’92 Recca
  164. Young Indiana Jones Chronicles
  165. Race America (US version)
  166. Spartan X2
  167. Banana Prince (EU version)
  168. Shatterhand (US version)
  169. Saint Seiya: Ougon Densetsu Kanketsu Hen
  170. Rockin’ Kats (US version)
  171. Jyuuooki (JP version of Altered Beast)
  172. Kyatto Ninden Teyandee
  173. Gun Nac (US version)
  174. Ikari III: The Rescue (US version)
  175. Panic Restaurant (US version)
  176. Whomp’Em (US version)
  177. Wolverine (US version)
  178. Legend of Prince Valiant
  179. Top Gun Dual Fighers (JP version of Top Gun: Second Mission)
  180. Tale Spin (US version)
  181. Squashed (US Prototype of Ninja Jajamaru: Ginga Daisakusen)
  182. New Zealand Story (EU version of Kiwikraze)
  183. Mission Impossible (US version)
  184. Monster in my Pocket (US version)
  185. Gun Dec (JP version of Vice – Project Doom)
  186. Conquest of the Crystal Palace (US version)
  187. Mario 10 (Jackie Chan’s Action Kung Fu hack)
  188. Mario 12 (Yoshi no Cookie hack)
  189. Mario 14 (Kaiketsu Yanchamaru 3 hack)
  190. Choujinrou Senki Warwolf (JP version of Werewolf: The Last Warrior)
  191. Nekketsu! Street Basket: Ganbare Dunk Heroes
  192. Ike Ike! Nekketsu Hockey-bu: Subete Koronde Dairantō
  193. Bikkuri Nekketsu Shinkiroku: Harukanaru Kin Medal
  194. Kunio Kun no Nekketsu Soccer League
  195. Nekketsu Kōkō Dodge Ball Bu
  196. Jackal (US version)
  197. Life Force (NTDEC pirate, US version)
  198. Rush’n Attack (US version)

It’s got a lot of games by Nice Code, and some other pirate “originals” like Street Fighter 12 Peoples and Super Contra 7. There are also some hacks, like Mario 10 (a hack of Jackie Chan’s Action Kung Fu), Mario 12 (A hack of Yoshi no Cookie), and Mario 14 (a hack of Kaiketsu Yanchamaru 3). And it’s also got a bunch of official games like Super Mario Bros., Mappy, and Contra.

That’s it for now guys, bye.



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  1. Think you could put up a rom of this?


    • Sorry, no. First off, I don’t have the equipment to dump ROMs. Secondly, this cartridge I wrote about stopped working a while ago. Thirdly, I might get in trouble with WordPress if I uploaded copyrighted files like ROMs. Fourthly, cartridges with so many games generally don’t work properly in emulators.

      There might be someone else who can do this, though. I know that somebody dumped the CoolBoy 400-in-1 multicart.

      Alternatively, you could just buy a copy of this game from the manufacturer. It’s only like $4 if you buy it straight from them. (:


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