Trying to Contact a Famiclone Company, Part 1

Hey, wouldn’t it be silly to email some stuff to a company that makes famiclones, or famiclone games? Yeah? Let’s try and do it.

You remember Nice Code Software? The developer that made Falling Blocks, Pika Chu, Pocket Monster, Spiderman, and Spiderman 2? Well, they used to have a website where you could send them emails and they also had a list of some of their games. Unfortunately, that’s not up anymore, so we probably can’t send them any emails that they’ll get.

Trump Grand Manufacturing Co. Ltd. is a company that makes famiclones and other bootleg game stuff. More importantly to us, they publish a lot of Nice Code’s games. They’re still around, and they are still selling stuff, and they have a website (, and their website has an email. They also have a list of their products, so maybe it’d be fun to ask a bunch of questions about their stuff. I sent them an email. But the problem is that the email didn’t send, because that email isn’t up anymore. Oh well. Moving on, let’s email some other famiclone developer.

Shenzen Nanjing Technology Co., Ltd. is a different famiclone company that, according to some sources, is still around. They develop RPGs for the famicom. I haven’t talked about any of their games yet, mostly because I don’t have any right now. Unfortunately, their website isn’t up anymore. What the heck!?

Oh well. Let’s try NTDEC, also known as Asder. These are the guys who developed Caltron 6-in-1. They made a lot of other games too, but I’m talking about Caltron 6-in-1 since I mentioned some of the Caltron 6-in-1 games here. Let’s go to their website, Their website says they sell a few  things, some saying they’re educational. One of the pictures is of a plug and play. Maybe a famiclone? But I can’t find any details about it on the website. Another is an called an A-PAD, and it looks like a knockoff of an iPad. I don’t see anything that looks like a famicom or game system or anything. Do they even make famiclones anymore? A little research says that Nintendo sued them a lot of money, but then they just changed the name of their company from NTDEC to Asder, and kept making famiclones. Then they started making stuff like kids laptops and a plug & play TV system that isn’t based on a Famicom. That doesn’t answer my question. Do they still make famiclones??? Let’s email them and find out.

Well, I emailed them and asked if they still make products based of of the Famicom or NES. The email got sent, unlike the one I tried to send to Trump Grand Manufacturing. Well, that’s cool. I’ll write about what they say in the part 2 if I actually receive anything back. If I don’t receive anything back then I’ll try to email some other famiclone company. I’ll also try and contact a different company if they don’t make famiclones anymore. Bye, I’ll write more later.

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