Pika Chu/Falling Blocks

Hey guys, what’s up? Today I’m gonna be talking about a bootleg Tetris knockoff called Falling Blocks, also known as Pika Chu. Falling Blocks and Pika Chu were both developed by Nice Code Software.


NiceCode Software’s logo.

You remember them, right? They’re the guys who made that bootleg Spiderman game. You can find more details about NiceCode there, but here I’m talking about these two games they made.

I’m going to talk about Pika Chu first.

Let’s start it up and we get this title screen:

Screen Shot 2015-11-28 at 7.29.45 PM

It’s Pikachu and a bunch of bubbles and some pieces of Tetris pieces. And there’s some music… Wait. Wait a second. That music is from that bootleg Pocket Monster game. Maybe they were made by the same developer, and if NiceCode made this game, it might mean NiceCode also made Pocket Monster. Is NiceCode secretly the same company as Super Game??? Nah, not really. What actually happened is NiceCode went and stole the Pocket Monster music to use in this game.

Well, whatever, moving on. If you start it it’ll give you some options as to how many players, handicap, music (all from Pocket Monster), basically all the choices you get in the Tengen version of Tetris. That’s unlicensed, so maybe I can write about that some other time, but not right now. Moving on, it also has the option for different kinds of blocks. Yeah, you can choose blocks that aren’t the normal Tetris blocks. But anyway, you’ve got that.

Here’s some gameplay:

Alright, now on to Falling Blocks. It’s basically the same as Pika Chu except it’s not Pokémon-themed, the music isn’t from Pocket Monster, and most of the game selections like handicap and stuff aren’t there. Here’s some gameplay of that:

Well, do you want to play this game? Well, here’s a couple of ways you could do that. One, you could go out and find a cartridge for these games, or you could get this 400-in-1 multicart, which has Falling Blocks and Pika Chu both included. Or you could get some other cartridge that has these games, or you could play it on an emulator, if you can find the ROM for it.

Alright, that’s it for now, guys. I’ll write some more stuff later.

UPDATE: The music in Falling Blocks is stolen from Kero Kero Keroppi.

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