Pocket Monster

In Japan, Pokémon are called Pocket Monsters. Also, Pokémon is short for Pocket Monster. That’s why this bootleg Pikachu side-scrolling platformer is called Pocket Monster.


Yup. Pocket Monster is a bootleg side-scrolling platformer where you play as Pikachu. Here’s how the game works. You can jump by pressing B, and you can use your special move by pressing A. Kinda backwards from the way games usually are. But whatever, moving on. The special move is an electricity attack that will kill any on-screen bad guys. You can only do this three times per level though (but it resets every time you lose a life).

Alright, let’s press start.


It has this weird animation where a pokéball rolls on the ground, and Pikachu comes out and starts waving at you. That’s not  the weird part. The weird part is at the top of the screen it says “VELBT” in big rainbow letters. Is that a word? Because if so I haven’t heard it. OK, I looked up this game on the internet, and it says that VELBT might be a misspelling of the African word veldt, which according to the website I read this on, means “wide field.” OK, that’s a little less confusing now, even though I don’t know why they would put the words “wide field” up there. But whatever, moving on from that, too.

Here’s a screenshot of the gameplay:



I have a video of some gameplay, too, but it’s getting late so I’ll upload the video some other time. Until I do, google this game and you’ll probably find this game somewhere else.

UPDATE: I uploaded the gameplay on YouTube so you can watch it now:

If you want to play this game, you can get an actual cartridge, or you can get this very common 400-in-1 multicart, which has Pocket Monster on it, or you can get it somewhere else or on an emulator or something, I dunno. By guys, that’s it for now.

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