NiceCode Spiderman

Today, I’m going to talk about a bootleg Famicom game called Spiderman. This isn’t the official Spiderman NES game, this is a bootleg one developed by NiceCode Software. In case you don’t know about NiceCode, they are a bootleg game developer that developed games for the Famicom, some bootleg 32-bit system, and MP4 players. Huh, I didn’t know there were games on MP4 players. But anyway, developed hundreds of games (mostly for the Famicom), and according to the internet, is still in business. Their games are usually considered to be of poor quality, but whatever, I’m still writing about them. They even had their own website about their games, It’s still up, but there’s no source on it anymore, so if you go there you’ll just get a blank page. But fortunately, it’s been archived on, so you can still look at what it used to look like. Here’s NiceCode’s logo:

NiceCode Software's logo.

NiceCode Software’s logo.

I really don’t know how they didn’t get sued for this. I mean, they have Pac-Man right there in their logo. But in any case, Nice Code Software developed a bunch of bootleg games. It was mostly original stuff, but some of it, such as the Spiderman game this post is about, they infringed on other people’s copyrights. They actually made two Spiderman games. The other one’s called Spiderman 2. Maybe I’ll write something about that at some point. But now back to the first one, Spiderman:

Spiderman title screen

Spiderman title screen

Anyway, here’s how this Spiderman game goes: You’re Spiderman, and you’re in this building with three floors. The bad guys, cannons with legs(???) run across the floors, shooting cannonballs. You, Spiderman, have got to hit all of them with your spider-web stuff, which will make them blow up(???). After you destroy enough of these weird cannon things, you will advance to the next level. Sometimes the levels have boss fights at the end, but I, in the few minutes I’ve played this game, have only been able to get to level 2. Level 2 has a boss fight, and Level 1 doesn’t. I can’t say about the levels after that.

Here’s the controls: To shoot spider-webs, you press A. To swing to a different floor, press B, and Spiderman will make a spider-web going all the way up to the top floor, which you can go up and down by pressing up and down on the controls. To get off the web, go left or right, and Spiderman will get off of the web.

Well, that’s Spiderman by NiceCode. Here’s a video of some gameplay:

Alright, that’s it for now. I’ll post more later. Including maybe that multicart I have the Spiderman game on.

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