1999 6-in-1

Here’s a multicart I got called 1999 6-in-1.

1999 6-in-1 Multicart

1999 6-in-1 Multicart

As you can see, the label is pretty silly. It’s got Sonic wearing a Santa hat, Mario wearing bunny ears, and a shark wearing boxing gloves. UPDATE: That stuff with Mario wearing bunny ears and the shark wearing boxing gloves are both on the cover of Super Mario Land 2. I don’t know about the Sonic wearing the santa hat, though.

Moving on, the label claims to have 90 Tank, Magic, Sonic 5, Soccer, Mario Bros., and Contra II. Well, let’s turn it on and look at what it is.

Title screen of 1999 6-in-1

Game select of 1999 6-in-1

Well, it looks basically the same, but now we’ve got Tetris II instead of “Magic”, whatever that was supposed to be, and we’ve got Super Contra 24 instead of Contra 2. And plus, it says 6-in-1 1996, instead of 1999 6-in-1. That doesn’t match up. Now let’s look at what these games actually are. Starting from the top of the list, here’s Sonic 5:

Sonic 5 Title Screen

Sonic 5 Title Screen

Sonic 5 turns out to actually be a hack of Sonic the Hedgehog that adds the number 5 underneath the title screen. And since Sonic the Hedgehog is a hack of Somari, this is basically a hacked hack. Other than the title screen, it’s identical as far as I can tell to Sonic the Hedgehog on the Famicom.

On to Super Contra 24:

Contra 2 Multicart Menu

Contra 2 Multicart Menu

That’s weird. It’s a multicart menu, on a multicart. But it’s not actually a bunch of different Contra games. It’s actually a bunch of simple hacks of Super Contra. For example, Shot Gun is a hack where you always have the spread gun, and Super Contra 30A is Super Contra with the 30 continues cheat automatically turned on. The first game is the normal Super Contra.

Super Contra title screen

Super Contra title screen

Now, on to Tetris II:

Tetris II title screen

Tetris II title screen

It has this title screen with the words “1993 New Game Push Start” and it has the Tengen Tetris title music playing. If you press start, it’s identical to Tengen Tetris. This is just Tengen Tetris with the title screen made to say 1993 New Game. I wonder where they came up with that.

On to the next game, Mario Bros.:

Hacked Super Mario Bros. Title Screen

Hacked Super Mario Bros. Title Screen

It is Super Mario Bros., except for they changed the title screen to have this weird picture of Mario, a castle, and the number 2. This is the most noticeable difference, but there’s another thing where the music in the underwater levels and the music when you clear a castle are corrupted.

On to the next game, 90 Tank:

90 Tank Title Screen

Tank A 1990 Screen

It’s a hack of Battle City called Tank A 1990. I haven’t played Battle City and can’t tell you all the differences, but looking it up on Wikipedia and says that it has more levels and power-ups, and that this hack was popular in China and other countries where Famiclones were widely sold and that it’s frequently found on multicarts.

On to Soccer:

Soccer title screen

Soccer title screen

It’s Nintendo’s Soccer on the NES.

Well, that’s it for today I guess. I’ll write more about Famiclone stuff later.

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